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USS Shiloh (CG 67)

“Making Excellence a Tradition”

Ship's Crest

Even today onboard SHILOH you can see some of the history behind the battle, the most common being in the ship's crest.


Blue and Gold are the traditional Navy's colors. Red denotes courage, sacrifice, and the blood shed at the epic battle of Shiloh. White represents high ideals and optimism. The anchor symbolizes sea power, while the cross on the stock refers to Shiloh Church and the Civil War battle for which our ship is named. The red compass rose, simulating a burst, symbolizes the concentration and the intense fighting in the "Hornet's Nest" at Shiloh. The compass rose also represent the multi-faceted mission of SHILOH. The red and white wavy bars commemorate "Bloody Pond" and the valor displayed during the battle. also refer to the sea and SHILOH's three mission areas: anti-air, anti-surface, and anti-submarine warfare capabilities.


The arrowhead, divided into blue and gray, together with the Union and Confederate flags, recall the Civil War. The arrowhead also suggests the vertical launch capabilities of the Aegis Cruiser. The splintered peach tree symbolizes the aftermath of the Battle of Shiloh. The peach trees, in bloom at Shiloh during the battle, stood stark contrast to the destruction and violence of the fight which pitted brother against brother.


The Civil War weapons, the musket and the cannon, reflect the close conflict on the field of Shiloh. It was the greatest battle ever fought on the American continent, up to that date.

USS Shiloh (CG 67)

Unit 100149 BOX 1
FPO, AP 96678

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