**We are taking orders for ALL members who are eligible to wear the SWO Jacket!**
• If you have transferred since your initial request email the SWO Jacket distro with your new command mailing address and email
(if applicable)
• Current timeline for shipments:
• CAPT and CDR orders, processed when received
• LCDR and below shipments have begun!

Admiral Ordering Form O1-O6 Ordering Form OPNAVINST MESSAGES Size Prediction PAO CORNER
Order form O1-O6 Order form OPNAVINST 10126.5 CH-1 PDF
Frequently Asked Questions: Please click this link


How To Order Your SWO Jacket:

1. Before ordering your SWO Jacket, please refer to the size prediction chart. You can

download a PDF version in the table above.

2. Download and print the order form commensurate with your pay grade.

3. Fill out the order form.

4. Send your completed order form PDF to swojacket@navy.mil

5. SWO Jacket team will process your order via a SWO jacket ordering platform.

6. Once your order has been entered in the SWO jacket ordering platform, you will receive an automatically generated email from the website stating your order was placed.

7. If you do not receive an automatically generated email within 30 days of the date your order submission to the SWO Jacket distro, please reach out to the SWO jacket distro again IOT follow up on your order


SWO Jacket Receiving Instructions:

1. Immediately upon receipt of your jacket, try it on for proper fit.

2. Do not alter the jacket (i.e. remove tags, mark on the label or interior) until determined it̢۪s the correct fit. Questions regarding returns, form, fit or function should be sent to swojacket@navy.mil

3. Please have the jacket recipient sign and date the enclosed Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS) receipt.

4. Scan and save the document as RANK_LAST NAME_FIRST NAME_MIDDLE INITIAL.

5. E-mail the document with subject line as "SWO JACKET RECEIPT" to flcj-pnsc-swo@navy.mil

6. Please complete this task within 48 hours of receipt.

For Further Assistance, Please Email:



How to Replace Your Jacket:

1. Do not alter the jacket (i.e. remove tags, mark on the label or interior) until determined it is the correct fit.

2. If the jacket does not fit, repackage the jacket with the DPAS receipt and send via traceable to the address at the bottom of these instructions.

3. Once shipped, send your new desired size and the tracking information of your return to flcj-pnsc-swo@navy.mil. Title the email "RANK FIRSTNAME LASTNAME SWO JACKET RETURN".

4. SWO Jacket team will acknowledge receipt of jacket, and once a replacement jacket is shipped, you will receive an automatically generated email with the tracking info.

**Please note, your replacement jacket size may not be in inventory at the time and as a result may be backordered until that size is produced**

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