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Shield. Red, white, and blue are the National colors and in this arrangement resemble the state flag of Texas. The “Lone Star” is a symbol of Texas’ independent spirit and is representative of the Independence-variant of Littoral Combat Ships. The four jets in flight allude to flight training at Naval Air Station Kingsville and indicate the four waterjets used in the propulsion system of the USS KINGSVILLE (LCS 36).

Crest. The wreath adopts the first-named metal and color from the shield and blazon. The Texas bluebonnet is the state flower and symbolizes bravery and sacrifice. American Red cattle are bred at the historic King Ranch to flourish in demanding environments and the proud bull embodies the flexibility and determination of the USS KINGSVILLE (LCS 36) crew. The gold triangle is from the Naval Air Station Kingsville insignia and it’s three
sides stand for the mission capabilities of the USS KINGSVILLE: focused mine countermeasures mission.

Motto. The ship’s motto, “TOUGH AND COMPETENT,” is a testament to the citizens of Kingsville, Texas, and the crew of the USS KINGSVILLE (LCS 36).

Supporters. The crossed Navy officer’s sword and enlisted cutlass signify leadership and teamwork.

Seal. The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a white oval within a dark blue designation band, edged with a gold roped border and
PCU KINGSVILLE (LCS 36) is the penultimate Independence Variant LCS. She shall be placed into service and commissioned August 2024 in Corpus Christi, Texas.

The ship is named for Kingsville, Texas, a Gulf Coast town that hosts Naval Air Station (NAS) Kingsville.  Support for the United States Navy is a longstanding Kingsville tradition, starting with the establishment of a military airfield in 1941 at the behest Richard Kleberg, a King Ranch heir.  The
airfield has been in continuous operation since 1951 and currently trains 50 percent of Navy fixed wing jet pilots.  The symbiosis between the town of Kingsville, the King Ranch, and the United States Navy continues to this day.  As a testament to this relationship, the KINGSVILLE’s sponsor, Mrs. Kathy Kline, is a sixth generation member of the King Ranch family and the daughter of Dr. Richard G. Sugden, M.D., a former Naval Flight Surgeon.


Check-In Uniform:
Service Dress Blue or Service Dress Whites (seasonally dependent).

Uniform of the Day:
Uniform of the date for E-1 and above is Type III NWUs, brown or black boots (San Diego detachment); Fire Resistant Coveralls, black boots (Mobile detachment).

Working Hours:
Working hours are 0800-1600, Monday through Friday, for the San Diego detachment; and 0730 – 1730, Monday through Friday (optional Saturday), for the Mobile Detachment.

Reporting Information:
Before April 6th, 2024, all new gains shall report to the COMLCSRON ONE building and check-in with the PCD KINGSVILLE admin department. All new gains who report after April 6th, 2024, shall report to the COMLCSRON ONE building and check-in with the COMLCSRON ONE Precom Admin Department. From this point, we will develop travel arrangements for you to join us in Mobile, AL.

Please contact the admin office by phone, and we will assign you a sponsor.


PCU Kingsville (LCS 36)
2680 Woden Street Bldg 3303
Suite 2
San Diego, CA 92163

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