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Azure (Dark Blue) a representation of the new Independence, prow to the front, the national flag displayed, on ocean waves, all proper; a bordure embattled of six merlons Or, charged with eight mullets of the field.


On a wreath Or and Azure (Dark Blue) the Liberty Bell surmounted by a United States national flag of thirty stars and a commodore’s pennant of fifteen saltirewise proper.



Dark blue and gold are traditionally associated with the United States Navy. The field is charged with a representation of the new Independence at sea. The crenellated bordure bears six merlons, each representing one of the previous ships to bear the name Independence. The eight mullets on the bordure recall the battle stars awarded Independence (CV-22) for distinguished service during World War II. Gold also denotes excellence.


The Liberty Bell signifies the freedoms achieved by America’s independence from England’s domination and emphasizes the participation in gaining national independence of the first ships to bear the name. The stars and stripes and commodore’s pennant of the early nineteenth century recall the nation’s struggles of that historic period.


“Libertas Per Laborem Audentium” (Independence Through Bold Action) in gold letters on a dark blue scroll garnished Argent doubled gold with dark blue garnish.


The coat of arms as blazoned on a white oval within a dark blue collar edged on the outside with stylized gold cable and inscribed at top “USS Independence” and in base “LCS 2” all in gold letters.

Ship's Characteristics
Platform Specs
key Data

Hull Service Life 30 years
Draft at Full Load Displacement 14ft
Sprint Speed in Sea State 3 >40kt
Range at Sprint Speed with Full Payload 1,500nm
Range at Economical Speed 4,300nm
Economical Speed >20kt
Crew Size 40 core crew
Accommodation for Core and Mission Crew 75
Operational Availability 95%
Aviation Facilities
Embark and Hangar 1 x MH-60R/S and VTUAVs
Flight Deck MH60R/S, UAVs, NTUAVs
Aircraft Launch and Recovery Up to Sea State 5
Watercraft Launch and Recovery Sea State 4, in 15 minutes
Watercraft Mission Packages 11m RHIB, 40ft high-speed boats
Time for Change of Mission Packages One day
Ship and Crew Provisions 21 days (336 hours)
Underway Replenishment 180t including 105t mission packages and 75t mission package fuel



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USS Independence (LCS 2)

San Diego, CA

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