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ESB 5 Logo

Shield.  Gules, a pile reversed Celeste, bearing a semé of mullets Argent, surmounted by two couples closes Or, charged with nine ammunition rounds palewise of the last, points upward, between two stylized fire balls Or.

Crest.  From a wreath Or and Gules, three columns Argent (Eggshell), entwined by a stylized Vietnamese dragon Proper. Seal Blazon

Supporters.  Behind the shield, two palm branches in saltire at base Vert.
Motto.  On a scroll Celeste, doubled and inscribed “SEMPER IN PUGNA” Or, which translates to “ALWAYS IN THE FIGHT.

Shield.  The light blue pile/triangle with 13 stars signifies the Medal of Honor, awarded to Lance Corporal Miguel Keith for making the ultimate sacrifice to protect and defend his platoon during an attack from enemy forces.  The gold chevronels/wedges with scarlet background, suggests his rank in the United States Marine Corps, and the ammunition rounds denote his military occupational specialty as a machine gunner.  The ammunition rounds further allude to his fortitude and perseverance to fight back against the enemy.  The stylized fireballs symbolize the vigorous and courageous performance Lance Corporal Keith sustained during the attack.


Crest.  The wreath adopts the first named metal and color from the shield and blazon-- gold and scarlet.  The columns signify the Roman numeral “III,” and the Vietnamese dragon entwined between the pillars honors the 3rd Marine Amphibious Force (MAF), which was the unit Lance Corporal Miguel Keith served during his time in Vietnam. 


Supporters.  The palm branches are a symbol of victory and peace.  Together they support and uplift the shield, just as the United States Marine Corps and United States Navy work and fight alongside one another.


Seal.  The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a white oblong disc within a dark blue designation band, edged with a gold roped border and bearing the name “USNS MIGUEL KEITH” at the top and “T-ESB 5” at the base.


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USS Miguel Keith (ESB 5)

San Diego, CA

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