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     As Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, I am committed to Sailors, Marines and all civilians as a top priority. Diversity, equity, and inclusion ofour military and civilian force is integral to overall readiness and mission accomplishment.
     I expect all levels of the Pacific Surface Fleet to embrace the goals and objectives of CNO's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policy. This policy is centered on fostering a culture of inclusion, which champions toughness, trust, and connectedness to achieve warfighting excellence.

     Our Navy team is as diverse as our mission set. We come from rural, urban, and suburban environments with different cultures, histories, perspectives, and ways of thinking. We bring diversity of thought and experience to the fight it is a warfighting advantage, but diversity alone is not the answer. Without equity and inclusion, diverse perspectives can lead to friction. We must actively include all perspectives to harness our creative powers. Inclusion is distinctly linked to sustaining a sharp Pacific Surface Fleet team that embraces people achieving their highest potential.

     We are proud of our diverse, inclusive team and our accomplishments. Moreover, we will continue to improve our warfighting environment that removes barriers, embraces and respects all members, provides equality of opportunity for all, and actively encourages all voices to be heard. We must eliminate all behaviors that go against our core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

     Our commitment to Navy Core Values and full use of our diverse talents enables us to be inclusive and effectively achieve our mission by building strong and resilient teams. Together, we will continue leveraging differences in our workforce to achieve the best outcomes for our Sailors, Marines and ships, which will ensure that the Pacific Surface Fleet remains on the cutting edge of force generation to deliver more warships ready to fight.

     Point of contact is LCDR Twyla Arbuckle, Force Diversity Officer, at (619) 522-7684.

                   B. R. McLANE
                                    Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy
Commander, Naval Surface Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet, 2841 Rendova Rd. San Diego, CA 92155-5490
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Commander, Naval Surface Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet, 2841 Rendova Rd. San Diego, CA 92155-5490

This is an official
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