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Welcome Aboard
Aloha! Undoubtedly, a tour of duty in paradise is one of the most coveted assignments for all branches of the Armed Forces. But while first visions of the Aloha State bring to mind images of sandy beaches, tropical skies, balmy weather and friendly natives, life on these idyllic islands can also prove challenging, not only for you, but for your family members as well.

Without a doubt, Hawaii is a recreational paradise. With beautiful year-round climate, warm ocean waters, sandy beaches, mountains, forests, parks and other facilities, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


You will be arriving at the Honolulu International Airport. Your sponsor should meet you at the airport. If not, there are cabs just outside, car rental agencies in and around the airport complex or you may choose to go to the USO Lounge located between baggage claim areas E & F. The USO staff will request a duty driver for you, or you may contact the quarterdeck yourself. Recommend you have transportation plans prior to arrival, as cab fare may be expensive.

Personnel must CHECK-IN with the command IMMEDIATELY UPON ARRIVAL, and at the housing office (Navy Aloha Center) within 72 hours to initiate Temporary Living Allowance (TLA). The Housing Office has recently relocated to a new building. They are now located at 988 Spence Street, Honolulu, HI 96818-3913, which is in the Moanaloa Shopping Complex just east of the Navy Exchange. Their new phone number is (808) 474-1800.

Call (808) 474-1800 at least 2-3 weeks before you arrive to schedule a housing appointment, or ask your sponsor to schedule the appointment. Temporary furniture is available for 90 days upon arrival or until your household goods arrive, whichever comes first. Loaner items (kitchenware, baby cribs, high chairs, iron/ironing boards etc.) are available from Family Service Center Pearl Harbor and the NCTAMS satellite office for 30 days. For rental of similar items, as well as linens, you can call the MWR office at Pearl Harbor at (808) 471-0392/0302.

Hawaii is a rabies free state. Hawaii's quarantine law is designed to protect residents and pets from potentially serious health problems associated with the presence and spread of rabies. Success of the quarantine program is dependent on maintaining isolation of your pet from other animals for the required quarantine period. Importation of dogs, cats and other carnivores into Hawaii is governed by Chapter 4-29 of the State of Hawaii, Department of Agriculture Administrative Rules. This law says that these animals are required to complete a 120-day confinement in the State Animal Quarantine Station. If specific pre-arrival and post-arrival requirements are met, animals may qualify for a 30-day quarantine or a new 5-day-or-less quarantine that became effective on June 30, 2003. Hawaii Resident Pets: Owners wishing to leave the State of Hawaii with their pets, and return, must meet all requirements for 5-day or less quarantine program to return without extended quarantine. The 120 days "pre-arrival" waiting period after a successful rabies blood test can be done prior to leaving the State or can be in combination with time spent out-of-state before re-entry.

All cars must be registered with the State of Hawaii within 30 calendar days after the car is picked up. Non-residents may keep their out of state license plates until they expire, but the car must be registered in order to get an out-of-state vehicle permit sticker ($5.00). YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY PENALTIES IF YOU DO NOT REGISTER YOUR CAR OR GET AN OUT OF STATE PERMIT WITHIN 30 DAYS.

When you do apply for Hawaii plates, cars owned by non-resident military members can be registered for $25.50 for the first year and $20.50 renewal each year thereafter. The service member's name MUST appear on the title or the lease to be eligible for this rate. All other vehicles will be assessed a rate based on weight and size of vehicle.
When registering for Hawaii plates you must present:

Current Registration
Certificate of Ownership (title) unless held by lien holder - Take a Power Of Attorney (POA) with you when you register your car, if the military member is not with you.
Hawaii No-Fault Insurance Card - You must show proof of insurance to get the safety inspection. All drivers are required to have Hawaii No-Fault Insurance. Heavy fines are levied against offenders.
Hawaii State Vehicle Safety Inspection Certificate (yellow copy)
 Bill of Lading (if the car was shipped)
Certificate of Non-Residency, DF-L-50 (available at PSD or legal offices). LEASED CARS - You must have a Power of Attorney from the lessor authorizing the service member (by name) to register the car in the State of Hawaii. The POA must specify the vehicle identification number (VIN). Hawaii does not waiver the registration fee on leased cars. To get a base decal for a leased car, the lease agreement must have the service member's name on it and the car VIN. You need a copy of the lease agreement to get a base decal.
COLA - Hawaii has a HIGH cost of living. Some estimates place the cost of living expense at 38% higher than the mainland. Housing, food, car insurance and gasoline are among the high cost items. Being an island state creates some unique challenges for Hawaii's residents. Most goods are brought to the islands by sea or air, and consequently, prices reflect transportation costs. While living in government housing and shopping at commissaries and exchanges can greatly reduce the costs for military families, do plan on an increase in your expenses. The government provides a Dislocation Allowance (DLA) to offset expenses when you move. See your Disbursing Officer or relocation counselor to verify the exact amount. You can use the allowance for the initial expenses of advance rent and security deposit if you have to move into civilian housing.

If you need assistance after receiving your sponsor package or you have questions about duty at ATG MIDPAC you may EMAIL the following personnel:

Command Sponsor Coordinator
Command Master Chief
Command Career Counselor

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