We provide dynamic, quality afloat training to Navy and Coast Guard Sailors to ensure a combat ready force capable of performing a broad spectrum of maritime missions. Special emphasis is placed on training ships’ training teams, special evolution teams and watch teams to institutionalize the onboard capability to sustain and improve combat readiness throughout an employment cycle.

ATG proudly employs the best Sailors in the Navy and keeps their warfare expertise sharp by maintaining technical in-rate currency of professional knowledge and skills through a robust training program of formal Navy schools, installation and factory training, technical symposiums, informal training and self study.

Fleet Resources:

The ATG Toolbox contains Afloat Self-Assessment (ASA) checksheets, Notional Schedules and other valuable files and information to support continuous training for Navy ships. The ATG Portal contains applications such as End of Mission Reports, Fleet Status Board, Fleet View, Ships in Training (SITs), Stoplights and TORIS/TFOM.

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Commander, Afloat Training Group Pacific (COMATG PAC)

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