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  • Question: How do I get in contact with the command?
    • Answer: The phone number to the command’s quarterdeck is (619) 437-2520
  • Question: Where do I get a Sponsor?
    • Answer: ACB-1 Command Sponsor will assign you a Sponsor to help you complete your transfer to San Diego and help you check aboard the command. Your assigned Sponsor will contact you by either phone or email before you transfer and attempt to answer any questions you might have about your arrival. If you have questions about your Sponsor or haven’t received any response from your Company representative please let the command know at ACB-1’s quarterdeck (619) 437-2520 or (619) 921-9419.
  • Question: Where will my family stay when we first get to San Diego?
    • Answer: There are several options to consider when you and your family arrive in San Diego. The first consideration is where to stay during the transition. Sailors with families are not required to stay aboard ACB-1 and you can contact the San Diego housing office (619) 556-7667. They have a variety of Navy Housing areas to choose from in San Diego (For more information In the case that housing or civilian apartments are not readily available, suitable lodging is open to service members and their families at several Navy Lodge’s located in the San Diego area (for reservations, please contact the San Diego Navy Lodge).
  • Question: Where do I first check aboard ACB-1?
    • Answer: When checking aboard for your first time you should go directly to the Command quarterdeck located on the Naval Amphibious Bas. The quarterdeck is manned 24-hours a day, is decorated with plaques, flags and awards. The Officer Of The Deck (OOD) or Petty Officer Of The Watch (POOW) will log in your arrival and contact your company. Please have your orders ready when you arrive!
  • Question: What do I wear when I check aboard ACB-1?
    • Answer: When checking aboard for your first time you should wear your dress uniform. San Diego changes from Whites to Blues in October (winter) and from Blues to Whites in April (summer). However, your dress blues with ribbons is always a good choice regardless of what season it is.
  • Question: What is the commands address?
    • Answer: Sailors’ Name. Company (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, or Headquarters), ACB-1 2524 Eniwetok Rd., San Diego, CA, 92155.
  • More Questions? Send us a letter, send us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to answer anything we can!
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Commander, Amphibious Construction Battalion (ACB) 1
San Diego, CA
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