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Welcome Aboard!
OUR MISSION:  On order, defeat our enemies swiftly and decisively.  Prepare ourselves and our ships to be the most violent instruments of war.
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Navy Family Ombudsmen are a critical communication link between the Commanding Officer and family members. They must be the spouse of an active duty or Reserve member of the command. Once appointed as the command Ombudsman, the volunteer receives standardized Ombudsman Basic Training (OBT). OBT provides the basic knowledge and tools necessary to be an effective representative of the command and an advocate for family members.

The Ombudsman represents and reports to the Commanding Officer who maintains ownership of the command Ombudsman program. Ombudsmen are primarily Information and Referral Specialists who help command family members gain the assistance they need to succeed as part of the extended Navy family. This is especially critical for deploying commands.

Although Ombudsmen are not paid for their services, authorized expenses, such as mileage, childcare, and office supplies, can be reimbursed when approved by the Commanding Officer. The most significant value to the Ombudsman is the satisfaction of helping other command family members. Also, the skills and experience gained benefits the volunteers throughout their lives.

Deployment Support Program Desk Guide

ABE Family Deployment Information Guide

BUPERS Ombudsman Website
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