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Mission:   We employ combat air power to engage and destroy our adversaries.  We MUST own the high-end fight!


CTG 1 LogoTactical Air Control Group ONE (TACGRU ONE) is a flexible, scalable, forward deployable air command and control element assigned to Commander, Expeditionary Group THREE in support of amphibious/expeditionary warfare operations in the Pacific Fleet.

Tactical Air Control Group ONE is a fully integrated unit consisting of the Group staff, two active-duty squadrons – Tactical Air Control Squadrons (TACRON) ELEVEN and TWELVE, and a co-located Naval Reserve Tactical Air Control Group, NR TACGRU 0194 also with two Squadrons - NR TACRON 1194 and NR TACRON 1294. Taken in total, the breadth and depth of the members of TACGRU ONE represents an experience level unique in the Naval service allowing the Group to tailor its detachments and teams to precisely fit the needs of the supported commander.

By providing a cadre of skilled, highly experienced aviation personnel trained in expeditionary warfare, the TACRON detachments provide centralized control and integration of all air operations enabling the amphibious/expeditionary force to optimize its organic combat power and mobility. TACRON personnel are trained and equipped to operate independently or to augment a more mature, centralized air operations structure such as a Joint Forces Air Component Commander (JFACC) or Marine Tactical Air Command Center (MTACC). Personnel are also skilled in TBMCS operations and architecture ensuring supported commands have a direct link to the overall air C2 picture.

Tactical Air Control Group ONE (TACGRU ONE) and TACRON officers are senior Naval aviators typically with many thousands of flight hours logged. Most are graduates of the USAF Joint Air Command and Control Course, USMC Amphibious Warfare Indoctrination (AWI) and USMC Expeditionary Warfare Staff Planning (EWSP) and a host of other courses. With this wealth of experience, TACRONs are an essential element in planning and managing the amphibious/expeditionary air war and are key in ensuring an efficient aviation operating environment.

TACRON detachments comprise the air portion of the Supporting Arms Coordination Center (SACC). The SACC allows the Expeditionary Commander to optimally employ Naval gunfire, airpower, and airspace de-confliction measures over the battlespace in real-time.

TACRONs provide the afloat or ashore commander with a structured AAW command and control system and qualified Airborne Intercept Controllers (AICs).

Maximum combat effectiveness in an amphibious operation relies heavily upon ship positioning and management of water space to facilitate fast, expedient movement ashore of troops, equipment, and aircraft. Simultaneously, consideration must be given to force protection and minimizing weather and ship logistical issues. Perhaps less glamorous but in no way less critical is coordination of ship to ship and ship to shore logistics, the lifeblood of expeditionary combat operations. TACRON personnel are experts at orchestrating these often-conflicting requirements.

Tactical Air Control Group ONE (TACGRU ONE) trains for and maintains the capability to augment USMC expeditionary air traffic controllers with highly qualified and experienced Navy controllers.

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Commander, Tactical Air Control Group (COMTACGRU) 1

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