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USS Chief (MCM 14)

Honor. Tradition. Valor


Mission statement

Our mission is to ensure a safe path for our brothers and sisters to travel on the open seas. Chief succeeds at this by keeping our crew trained for any situation and keeping our material readiness on par with the highest of standards to keep Chief the lethal vessel she is!


Welcome aboard Warfighter!

                    USS Chief is lucky to have you and we await your arrival onboard the Fleet’s finest Minesweep. Being forward deployed means you will be a part of a high OPTEMO work environment but it also affords you many opportunities for adventure and to experience new cultures around Japan. If you haven’t gotten in touch with a sponsor contact us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


                                                   Ready for the Minefield!

                             M. J. PIRES


Onboarding Info

You’re final destination will likely be Fukuoka or Nagasaki Airport. Either way, communicate with your sponsor on what method is best to get you to base. CFAS Blue bus is available to bring you to and from the airport and the sign up sheet is linked below,


Fukuoka Airport Shuttle Bus Signup

Once you arrive on base we’ll send a duty van to put you up. Keep in touch with your sponsor each step of the way and let them know if you have any changes to travel.





USS Chief (MCM 14) Logo
USS Chief (MCM 14)

UNIT 100164 Box 1
FPO AP 96662


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