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USS Dewey (DDG 105)

"Dynamis Ex Cardias”

MISSION: Continuous Warfighting Readiness

Principle Values:
          Fidelity to the Constitution of the United States of America, our ship and our shipmates
          Integrity as the foundation of warfighting and team effectiveness
          Give a Damn to foster teamwork and a winning performance
          Humility to learn and improve as a unified professional warfighting team
          Toughness to FIGHT and win when called upon to sail into harm’s way

FIGHTing Philosophy:
     1. Fight for shipmates
     2. Fight for readiness
     3. Fight for our ship

Blazon: The trident denotes sea prowess and the modern warfare capabilities of the USS DEWEY. The crossed naval swords symbolize Admiral Dewey’s long military career that extended past the legal retirement age. The stars represent the 18 battle stars earned by the previous ships, for service that stretched the length of World War II to Vietnam.
Symbolism: Dark blue and gold are the colors traditionally associated with the Navy, representing the sea and excellence. The chevron and chevronels denote the prow of the ships, commemorating the previous three ships named for Admiral Dewey. The tiger, the symbol of fierceness, valor and dangerous when enraged in combat, signifies his bravery as he commanded the Asiatic Squadron to sail to Manila and destroy the Spanish Fleet, without a single loss of American life. The palm fronds indicate the Pacific combined with the tiger’s head, symbolizing Admiral Dewey being renowned as the “Hero of Manila.” The wavy chief represents the Admiral’s authority, when he assisted in the capturing of Manila. The fess and stars highlight the highest promotion created by Congress for Admiral Dewey, awarded the rank “Admiral of the Navy” and honors his distinguished service to his country.
Motto: The colors of the scroll allude to the ribbon of the Dewey Medal, established by Congress to commemorate the Battle of Manila Bay. The inscription “DYNAMIS EX CARDIAS” denotes the drive of the service member that nothing else matters in war.

Ship/Unit History:

The Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyer is one of the Navy’s most versatile platforms, capable of conducting multiple warfare areas and missions. Destroyers primarily are used to defend capital ships, using high powered air search radar combined with advanced missile technology. Destroyers are capable of embarking two MH-60 Seahawk helicopters that can be used for Anti-Submarine Warfare and Surface Warfare. Furthermore, destroyers have been used to conduct Freedom of Navigation operations and Ballistic Missile Defense in areas such as the South China Sea and near the Korean peninsula.


General Characteristics

• Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer – most abundant ship in the Navy

• Height of mast above waterline: 144.4 ft.

• Length overall: 509.6 ft

• Breadth: 66.4 ft

• Displacement: 9,217 tons

• Propulsion: Four Gas Turbine engines (100,000 hp), two shafts

• Speed: 30+ knots (34.5+ mph)

• Number of screws: 2 (5-bladed/17-ft. brass)



• Builder: Northrop Grumman Ship Systems

• Keel laid: Oct. 4, 2006 in Pascagoula, Mississippi

• Launched: January 26, 2008

• Commissioning date: March 6, 2010

• Commissioning location: Seal Beach, Ca.

• Ship’s Sponsor: Mrs. Deborah Mullen

• First commanding officer: Warren R. Buller II

• Dewey was the first ship to respond after the USS Fitzgerald collision, providing rescue and assistance to the Fitzgerald crew

• Dewey is the fourth ship named after Admiral George Dewey, the only person to ever be appointed Admiral of the Navy

• Namesake: Admiral George Dewey, the only person to ever be appointed “Admiral of the Navy,” was famous for his efforts at the Battle of Manila Bay, in which he decimated the antiquated Spanish fleet while losing only one life. During the battle, Admiral Dewey uttered his now famous quote, “You may fire when you are ready, Gridley.” USS Dewey is the fourth ship to be named after Admiral Dewey.

USS Dewey (DDG 105)

UNIT 100224 BOX 2034
FPO AP 96663

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