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USS Ralph Johnson (DDG 114)

Celer Silens Mortalis – Swift, Silent, Deadly

Please download Welcome Aboard letter here.

Please download Welcome Aboard Package here.

Message from the CO

Congratulations and welcome to the USS RALPH JOHNSON family!

We are stationed in the land of the rising sun - Yokosuka, Japan - as part of DESRON 15, America's largest forward-deployed destroyer squadron. We are excited for you to join the team and look forward to your arrival! Please email sponsor(at) and we will ensure to put you in contact with your sponsor.

Our command ombudsman team may be contacted at rjombudsman(at)

RALPH JOHNSON honors the courage and bravery of PFC Ralph H. Johnson, a Marine RECON scout who selflessly gave his life for his country in the Republic of Vietnam on March 5th, 1968. As part of a 15-man patrol deep within enemy territory, his squad came under attack by a platoon-sized enemy force. A grenade was thrown into PFC Johnson’s three-man fighting hole while the enemy raced up the hill. After warning his teammates, he dove onto the grenade, dying instantly and saving his fellow marines. For his selfless bravery, PFC Johnson was awarded the Medal of Honor. Our ship - this crew, competes to exemplify PFC Johnson’s warrior mentality and selflessness.

We hope your tour on RALPH JOHNSON will be extremely rewarding and will provide you with personal and professional pride. We look forward to you joining the Swift, Silent, and Deadly warriors of DDG 114! I am only because we are, and we are RALPH JOHNSON!



CDR Isaia E. Infante

Commanding Officer




If you are not familiar with the Ombudsman program, the Ombudsman is here to be your voice to the command. We also relay information from the Commanding Officer back to you. The Ombudsman program belongs to the command and is shaped by the CO's perception of the needs of RALPH JOHNSON families. An Ombudsman is a voluntary representative of the command, appointed by the Commanding Officer. They serve the two important roles as both the communication link between the CO and command family members, and as a professionally trained information and referral specialist. We work under the guidance of the Command Master Chief, Executive Officer and Commanding Officer.


Meet your Ombudsman:

          I'm Jalyn, and I have had the privilege of being by my spouse's side through OCS, multiple schools, sea tours - both CONUS and OCONUS, and two PCS moves. As a military spouse, I experience firsthand the hardship that many spouses and families face throughout their time as military dependents. It is my hope and my goal to keep families informed to the best of my ability, as well as to provide a voice to those families whose service members are stationed aboard RALPH JOHNSON. Through quick communication, as well as strong knowledge of referral resources for families, I strive to keep our families as prepared as possible as we navigate the life of OCONUS living. I am always more than happy to help families whenever and wherever I can.

          I have frequent contact with the command and relay information to our families via the ship's Family Group on Facebook and email for those who are not on Facebook. Any of your family members are welcome to join this group to receive the most current information about our ship, command activities, and events in the area.

          I can provide a confidential ear and a friendly voice to turn to in times of need or crisis. I am dedicated to pointing you in the right direction toward finding solutions to any issue that may arise. While serving in this role, I am committed to supporting our command's mission, maintaining strict confidentiality, and working within the chain of command as I am directed.

          I am honored to be chosen as the Ombudsman for RALPH JOHNSON. Please don't hesitate to contact me. My contact information is listed below.


Jalyn Dalpe


Phone: +8170-8819-4217

Facebook: or search Ralph Johnson Families


Message from your Sponsorship Coordinators

Congratulations on your assignment to USS RALPH JOHNSON (DDG 114) homeported out of Yokosuka, Japan! We would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome you onboard our ship and the beautiful country of Japan! We look forward to working with you! Please contact us at


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is an Ombudsman?
Every Command has an Ombudsman who is a spouse of a sailor at the Command. The Ombudsman serves as the liaison between the command and the families. The Ombudsman is the point of contact for the families. He or she can assist families with navigating through Navy life through resources and information.

2. How can an Ombudsman help me?
Navy Family Ombudsmen are key resources for family members, particularly during deployments. Ombudsmen maintain current resource files with information on military and civilian community agencies that can help families solve a variety of problems, and successfully meet the challenges they face before, during, and after deployments. In addition to providing referral information, Ombudsmen can facilitate communication between the Command and family members. Ombudsmen may publish or contribute to command newsletters or maintain care lines, which have recorded messages with information for command families that can be accessed 24 hours a day. Ombudsmen can also assist families in contacting the Command for a variety of reasons.

3. What is the role of the COMNAVSURFPAC Force Ombudsman?
The Force Ombudsman provides oversight and guidance for all the Surface Ship's Ombudsmen in the Pacific Fleet Area of Responsibility. You can contact the Surface Forces Ombudsman at (619) 301-6983 or send an email to

4. What is an IA assignment or tour?
An IA is an Individual Augmentee. A Sailor may receive orders to go IA and this means that he or she will deploy as an Individual, not with their command. Sometimes an IA will deploy and be stationed with another branch of the Military.

5. What is NFAAS?
Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System. This is how the Navy will track your family and assess your needs during an emergency.

6. How can I find out more about medical, dental or Navy family resources?
Contact your Command Ombudsman. He or she will guide you to your resources.

USS Ralph Johnson (DDG 114)

UNIT 100133 BOX 1
FPO AP 96691-3300

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