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Congratulations on Your Orders to USS ROBERT SMALLS!
We look forward to you joining our team and want your transition to be smooth and successful. It is never easy, regardless of whether it is your first set of orders, second, third, etc… and we want to start off on the right foot. Upon receipt of your orders, a Sponsor from your parent department will be assigned. Your Sponsor will attempt to contact you, to inform you of the ship's schedule, transition to the ship and Yokosuka, Japan area and what to expect. Sometimes, because you are in the middle of a move, attending a school, or out of the country, your Sponsor may be unable to contact you. We request that you contact the Command Sponsor Coordinator before you transfer to inform us of your arrival plans.
Sponsor Coordinator's email:
The day you report onboard, you are expected to be in your Service Dress Uniform.  Once onboard, your paperwork will be processed by the Admin office as you walk around with your sponsor completing your check-in. The Command Duty Officer or Command Master-At-Arms will assign you a bunk and provide you with bed linens.
If you have further questions and/or comments, feel free to email the Command Master Chief.
Command Master Chief's email:

Download CO's Welcome Aboard Letter pdf icon
Helpful links to let you know what to expect when you arrive at Yokosuka Naval Base.

Base Resources

Local Agencies

Driving in Japan

Tips for Japan



Navy Links



What is the uniform of the day for USS ROBERT SMALLS?
Uniform of the day is coveralls and utilities, but there will be times when you need your blue and/or white uniform items depending on the season. All are required to maintain a full sea bag.

Do I need a passport?
At this time, a passport is not required when flying to Japan. It is highly advised to get one, however, as you might need one to enjoy some of the great overseas locations.

How do I get in touch with the ship?
The ship can be reached via mail at:
Via email:

Where is Yokosuka, Japan located?
Yokosuka is approximately an hour ride on the train south of Tokyo.

What uniform should I wear while PCS’ing?
While it was once common in the past for personnel to transit/PCS in uniform, this is no longer a good practice. When traveling on military orders you should always wear conservative civilian attire. You will need your uniforms to check in.

Can I ship my car?
Yes. For specific instructions on shipping your vehicle, contact your local military transportation office or visit

What opportunities are there for college or advanced education?
USS ROBERT SMALLS and Japan offer several different options for classes including NCPACE. You can also take classroom courses through UMUC and several other colleges on base Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka.

Can I take leave to surrounding countries in the area (including Japan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand)?
In short, yes. However, there may be specific requirements before your leave chit is approved. Contact your sponsor for more information about this process.

How will I get to the ship when I arrive?
AMC flights from the U.S. arrive at Yokota Air Force Base several days a week. Whenever an inbound flight is scheduled, Navy buses are assigned to transport passengers to Yokosuka Naval Base. There is no direct charge to ride the Navy bus from Yokota to Yokosuka. The cost of this bus transportation will be charged to your orders if you are on official travel (such as PCS or TAD.) Be sure to have several copies of your orders with you, in case they are asked for. The bus departure time will be adjusted if the flight arrives earlier or later than scheduled. Service members, either single or with their families, traveling on PCS orders have priority for seating on the bus. The bus ride from Yokota AFB to Yokosuka Navy Base is about 2-3 hours, longer if traffic is heavy. If you are not being met at Yokota AFB by your sponsor, use of the government-provided bus is mandated for transportation to Yokosuka Navy Base for military and DoD civilian personnel, and their family members, who are traveling on any type of official orders. At the present time there is no Navy liaison office in the Yokota AFB AMC passenger terminal. The Army/Air Force liaison or the Terminal Information Counter can provide information assistance.

If you are arriving at Narita International Airport via commercial airline flight: Most incoming personnel arrive at Narita International Airport located about 1 hour from downtown Tokyo, and about 2-3 hours from Yokosuka. The airlines are split up between two Terminals (No. 1 & No. 2), there is a free shuttle bus between them every 20 minutes. The primary meeting and pickup point is at Terminal No.1 on the ground floor at the Northwest Airlines counter...that's where you will find the Military Liaison. Navy buses for Yokosuka leave three times a day at 1530, 1730 & 1900, if you are traveling on orders, please provide a copy to the Navy Liaison at the counter, or fax a copy to PSD Yokosuka to reserve a seat; all remaining seats on the buses are open on a space available, first come first signup basis. You or your sponsor can contact the PSD Liaison at DSN 243-7777 or Commercial 011-81-46-816-7777.

Where will I live when I arrive?
Upon arrival, you’ll be assigned a rack onboard. Married E4 and above have the opportunity to live off the ship. Single E4 (0ver 4 years service), E5 and above have an opportunity to live off the ship.

What is TLA?
For more information regarding TLA policy, click here and download a copy of the TLA Worksheet.

Ciji Blue-Belton and Nancy Alomar

USS Chancellorsville Family Information:

The Ombudsman is a trained volunteer appointed by the Commanding Officer and serves as a link between the families and the command, especially when deployed. If you need assistance between you and the command, the Ombudsman is your resource. The Ombudsman has contact information, referrals, and support available in both the military and civilian communities.

Ombudsman Email:
Ombudsman Phone: +81-80-7788-6908
Service Member Mailing Address:
Last Name, First Name 
USS Chancellorsville (CG 62)
FPO AP, 96662-1182

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is an Ombudsman?
Every Command has an Ombudsman who is a spouse of a sailor at the Command. The Ombudsman serves as the liaison between the command and the families. The Ombudsman is the point of contact for the families. He or she can assist families with navigating through Navy life through resources and information.

2. How can an Ombudsman help me?
Navy Family Ombudsmen are key resources for family members, particularly during deployments. Ombudsmen maintain current resource files with information on military and civilian community agencies that can help families solve a variety of problems, and successfully meet the challenges they face before, during, and after deployments. In addition to providing referral information, Ombudsmen can facilitate communication between the Command and family members. Ombudsmen may publish or contribute to command newsletters or maintain care lines, which have recorded messages with information for command families that can be accessed 24 hours a day. Ombudsmen can also assist families in contacting the Command for a variety of reasons.

3. What is the role of the COMNAVSURFPAC Force Ombudsman?
The Force Ombudsman provides oversight and guidance for all the Surface Ship's Ombudsmen in the Pacific Fleet Area of Responsibility. You can contact the Surface Forces Ombudsman at (619) 301-6983 or send an email to

4. What is an IA assignment or tour?
An IA is an Individual Augmentee. A Sailor may receive orders to go IA and this means that he or she will deploy as an Individual, not with their command. Sometimes an IA will deploy and be stationed with another branch of the Military.

5. What is NFAAS?
Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System. This is how the Navy will track your family and assess your needs during an emergency.

6. How can I find out more about medical, dental or Navy family resources?
Contact your Command Ombudsman. He or she will guide you to your resources.

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