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We are Red Dragons. We are proud, bold, and ready. We operate one of the most sophisticated warships in the world – able to dominate in the air, surface, subsurface, and space. If directed, we will promptly strike and soundly defeat our enemies.

PROUD. Our Sailors are the heart and soul of RUSSELL. We work tirelessly on behalf of our ship and shipmates and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We must continue fostering connectedness and organizational pride. These tenets underpin ownership of our people, equipment, and spaces. This happens by effectively planning, clearly communicating priorities, and holding each other accountable to shared high standards. Decide to have a positive attitude – it can be infectious! We are proud.

BOLD. Our Sailors have a voice aboard RUSSELL. Our daily engagement and buy-in unlocks our true strength and potential. We must continue communicating risks and advocating for positive change. Complacency is our greatest hazard in peacetime. Our courage to speak up could save the day, whether during a routine evolution or in the heat of battle. Courage comes from experience and knowing what right looks like. We grow this by creatively training in simulated and non-combat situations. We are bold.

READY. Our Sailors are the key to RUSSELL’s mission readiness. We must prepare ourselves personally and professionally. Take care of yourself and loved ones. Learn each day and seek the next qualification. Additionally, our weapons must fire, our engines must run, and our gear must operate. Continue communicating issues and exhaust all resources to fix problems. Our topside appearance is a sign of our readiness. We will look sharp, bring honor to our nation and allies, and strike fear into our enemies. We are ready.

I am truly humbled and proud to serve with you – the most talented Sailors on the waterfront. What we do is hard, but we will do it together. This is our ship. I commit to giving you my best each day, and I thank you for all that you have done and will do for our nation and RUSSELL.

Strength in Freedom!

                                    Mike McInerney, CDR
                                  Commanding Officer
                                      USS RUSSELL (DDG 59

PROUD                                BOLD                              READY

 The Red Dragon Way pdf


John Henry Sr. and John Henry Jr.


LOCATION: Pascagoula, MS

SHIELD. Dark blue and gold are the colors traditionally associated with the Navy. Gold is emblematic of excellence and red denotes valor and sacrifice. The red wedge and the trident symbolize DDG 59’s modern warfare capabilities: Aegis and Vertical Launch Systems. The three tines represent submarine surface, and air warfare. The wedge superimposed on the wave alludes to General Russell’s leadership and vision in the development of the Fleet Marine Forces and amphibious doctrine. The two gauntlets symbolize the two RUSSELLS and highlight teamwork and cooperation. The wavy divisions of the shield represent a river and underscore Rear Admiral Russell’s service in coastal and river campaigns during the Mexican War and Civil War. The sun and light blue reflect the tropical climate of the Gulf Coast and Caribbean, referring to both Russell’s service in the Gulf of Mexico and General Russell’s extended service in Haiti. The sun and light blue also highlight the south and west pacific service of the first USS RUSSELL (DD 414) in World War II.

CREST. The sixteen-sided shield and star commemorate the first USS RUSSELL’s sixteen battle stars earned during World War II. The gold star also demotes command and authority. The stylized Oriental dragon symbolizes strength, vigilance, and service in the Orient and Pacific.

SUPPORTERS. The crossed naval officer sword and mameluke signify the special relationship between the Navy and Marine Corps in projecting power from the sea. The unique character of naval service embodied in the Russell family where two distinguished Officers, father and son, served their respective services and their country with honor on land and sea.

MOTTO. “STRENGTH AND FREEDOM.” The real strength of our country is that, for over 200 years, Americans have fought and died for the ideals of freedom and democracy; Hence, “Strength in Freedom.”



John Henry Sr. and John Henry Jr.


Named for John Henry Russell Sr. and John Henry Russell Jr.

Rear Admiral John Henry Russell Sr. (July 4 1827 - April 1 1897), served during the Mexican-American War and the American Civil War. John Henry Russell, Jr. (November 14 1872 - March 6 1947), was the 16th Commandant of the Marine Corps.

USS Russell (DDG 59)
Unit 100168
FPO AP 96677-1277



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