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USS Sterett (DDG 104)Welcome aboard USS STERETT DDG-104

                                                                                                                                                    DDG 104
Dear Future Dauntless Warrior,

     Welcome aboard and congratulations on your recent assignment to the finest warship in the Navy! You are joining a phenomenal team of warriors, stewards, and partners. Part of being a good partner is welcoming new members of the team - a goal we achieve through STERETT's sponsorship program. Your sponsor will provide a smooth and pleasant welcome aboard and will be able to answer many questions you may have concerning reporting. They can also assist with information on moves, transportation, and timing.

     As stewards of the fourth ship to bear the name STERETT, we are part of an incredible legacy. Our predecessors hunted submarines in the North Atlantic in World War I, fought fierce battles in the Pacific in World War II, and engaged enemy aircraft during the Vietnam War. Inspired by that legacy, we work to keep our STERETT at the highest state of readiness to sail over the horizon, deliver violence, and return home together. Now, we just need you!

     Our ship's homeport, San Diego, California, is one of the finest in the Navy. There is plenty to do in our home city, and we'll ensure that you have information about the 32nd Street Naval Base where the ship is normally moored while in port. We will help to support you as you make San Diego your new home. Feel free to contact our Ombudsmen, Ms. Brandi Elias at (909) 921-4980 and Mrs. Vail Lindsey (619) 709-2251. They can both be reached at the following email address as well:

       Our mailing address is:
       USS STERETT (DDG 104)
       UNIT 100216 BOX 001
       FPO AP 96678-1310

     Warships are inherently mobile, meaning that our chain of command can order us anywhere, anytime. We want your transfer to be as smooth a transfer as possible, so please stay in contact with your sponsor throughout the process to stay up to date on any required travel arrangements. If you have no already done so, please contact the Sponsor Coordinator now by email at for any additional information. Congratulations again and welcome aboard!
   Forever Dauntless,

 Welcome Aboard Letter pdf

Reporting For Duty on USS STERETT
Congratulations on receiving orders to the finest ship in the U.S. Navy Fleet! The hardest part about transferring to a new command is knowing where to go and how to get there. In addition, it can also be tough to set up living and moving arrangements. We have included some very helpful information to assist you in your transfer. Should you have any questions or need help with anything, you can always Contact Us or your sponsor. 
Request A Sponsor
If you are in need of a sponsor from USS STERETT, you can e-mail us at: and we will assign a sponsor to you and have them contact you as soon as possible. When you e-mail us, please include as much contact information as possible to include home, work, and cell phone numbers as well as any work and/or personal e-mail addresses.
Command Sponsor Coordinator:

Uniform Of The Day
Uniform of the Day will be Navy Working Uniform for E-1 and above.

Working Hours
Working hours are 0700 to 1630 Monday through Friday. PT is run on a Departmental Basis. Contact your sponsor for further details.

A Relocation Checklist For Military Personnel
Very good checklists can be found at your local Family Service Center Relocation Office. These are usually the best source of information to make your move as painless as possible. However, this page may serve to remind you of some of the important items that are sometimes overlooked.

Issues that affect military assignment:

Have you...
Received your orders?
Completed sea-duty screening?
Obligated service for the duration of your new assignment?
Received a signed transfer evaluation and filed it in your service record?
Notified your sponsor of flight information? Arranged ground transportation?

Obtained a passport?
It is not required, but highly recommended that all military members get a tourist passport prior to departing the United States. Active duty military are not eligible for a "no-fee" passport, but their family members are, ensure they have one! A passport makes it easier and quicker to depart some of the various countries we visit. You never know when you will be required to return to homeport or the U.S. to attend a school or go TAD.

Complete a Change of Address card at the local post office. You can also fill this out on-line at Remember, this changes your address at the post office, not with whomever is sending you mail. You must notify individuals, companies, and any magazines you have subscriptions with separately. Most companies, including magazines, have a toll-free number you may call to change your delivery address.

Provide all relatives (spouse, parents, etc.) with a copy of your PCS orders. If there is an emergency requiring them to contact the American Red Cross (ARC), your orders will allow the ARC to quickly determine your location and contact you.

Make arrangements to cancel utility services and pay final bills. Most utility companies will forward a final statement and receipt of payment to your new address if you ask. Ensure you take care of ALL of the following, as necessary:

Water company
Electric company
Natural gas company
Trash/waste services
Telephone (including CELL phones)
Any maintenance related fees you may have incurred.
And of course, ensure you sponsor is aware of your arrival date. They can also confirm temporary lodging, ground transportation, pet reservations, etc.

Your mailing address will be:
Your Name and Rank (SR John Doe)
Your department/division
FPO AP 96678-1310
The Navy Ombudsman
Navy Family Ombudsmen are a critical communication link between the Commanding Officer and family members. They must be the spouse of an active duty or Reserve member of the command. Once appointed as the command Ombudsman, the volunteer receives standardized Ombudsman Basic Training (OBT). OBT provides the basic knowledge and tools necessary to be an effective representative of the command and an advocate for family members.

The Ombudsman represents and reports to the Commanding Officer who maintains ownership of the command Ombudsman program. Ombudsmen are primarily Information and Referral Specialists who help command family members gain the assistance they need to succeed as part of the extended Navy family. This is especially critical for deploying commands. Although Ombudsmen are not paid for their services, authorized expenses, such​ as mileage, childcare, and office supplies, can be reimbursed when approved by the Commanding Officer. The most significant value to the Ombudsman is the satisfaction of helping other command family members. Also, the skills and experience gained benefits the volunteers throughout their lives.

Contact Our Ombudsman:

Ms. Brandi Elias 909-921-4980
Mrs. Vail Lindsey 619-709-2251
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is an Ombudsman?
Every Command has an Ombudsman who is a spouse of a sailor at the Command. The Ombudsman serves as the liaison between the command and the families. The Ombudsman is the point of contact for the families. He or she can assist families with navigating through Navy life through resources and information.

2. How can an Ombudsman help me?
Navy Family Ombudsmen are key resources for family members, particularly during deployments. Ombudsmen maintain current resource files with information on military and civilian community agencies that can help families solve a variety of problems, and successfully meet the challenges they face before, during, and after deployments. In addition to providing referral information, Ombudsmen can facilitate communication between the Command and family members. Ombudsmen may publish or contribute to command newsletters or maintain care lines, which have recorded messages with information for command families that can be accessed 24 hours a day. Ombudsmen can also assist families in contacting the Command for a variety of reasons.

3. What is the role of the COMNAVSURFPAC Force Ombudsman?
The Force Ombudsman provides oversight and guidance for all the Surface Ship's Ombudsmen in the Pacific Fleet Area of Responsibility. You can contact the Surface Forces Ombudsman at (619) 301-6983 or send an email to

4. What is an IA assignment or tour?
An IA is an Individual Augmentee. A Sailor may receive orders to go IA and this means that he or she will deploy as an Individual, not with their command. Sometimes an IA will deploy and be stationed with another branch of the Military.

5. What is NFAAS?
Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System. This is how the Navy will track your family and assess your needs during an emergency.

6. How can I find out more about medical, dental or Navy family resources?
Contact your Command Ombudsman. He or she will guide you to your resources.

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USS Sterett (DDG 104)

FPO AP 96678-1310

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