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Coat of Arms

Coat of ArmsShield:
The shape of the arms enclosure, derived from the cover of the Aegis array assembly, represents Aegis engineering and refers to the mythological shield of Zeus: a reminder that Aegis has been the shield of the fleet for decades, as it will be for decades to come. The left supporting Talos missile refers to the Admiral’s early career and his duties in USS Galveston (CLG-3) where he served as Fire Control and Gunnery Officer at the birth of modern missilery in the United States. The right supporting SM2/3 missile refers to the evolution from Talos to the modern Standard Missile. The eagle and swords recall the firepower of the ship and its readiness to defend our Nation. The Medusa escutcheon recalls the mythology of Zeus and the power of the Aegis system to effectively petrify an enemy. The orle of gold stars refers to Admiral Meyer’s thirteen years of leadership, vision and commitment as founding project manager of Aegis Shipbuilding. The larger fourteenth star refers to his rise to the ranks of Admiralty. The Navy Blue book binding and scarlet bordure of the Medusa escutcheon denote unity, purpose and courage: values of the greatest generation epitomized by RADM Meyer. Dark blue represents the U. S. Navy, gold signifies excellence.

The mullet and anchor record Rear Admiral Meyer’s award of the Distinguished Service Medal, the compass rose denotes world wide achievement; the color scarlet signifies sacrifice and courage. The wreath and sprig of Hawthorn Blossom at the base denote distinctive honor and Meyer’s heritage and origins in the fertile gumbo region of the great state of Missouri. The opened technical book and slide rule represent the engineering rigor required in shipbuilding, and recall RADM Meyer’s disciplined approach to engineering excellence as well as the solid engineering foundation gained through schooling.

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

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USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108)

Pearl Harbor, HI

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