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Fathom FS
CNSP HQ FlankSpeed Link

Please be advised that we are in the process of migrating our CNSP portal to FlankSpeed (FS). With that, we are requesting to have all Site Owners do their CUI training and email a copy of the certificate. CUI training is mandatory for Site Owners before given Owner’s permission to FlankSpeed.

Department Heads:

You will be given Owner's permission once CUI training is completed. Please email to let us know all personnel that will be added to your Site’s Owners Group with their email and DODID numbers. Please limit up to four Site Owners per department. Also, FlankSpeed Site Owners will have to implement a system for auditing your site for CUI. More information to follow on this.

Please visit CUI Information page here.


  • Testing sample migration in FlankSpeed (FS)
  • We are in the process of creating all sites/subsites in FS. Once they are all created, the migration of all subsites will start.
  • All permissions and groups may change as we incorporate the new FS framework. Please see above Site Owner's instructions to be in the Site Owner's groups. All Site Owners will be able to add personnel to the Members (Contribute/Edit) group.
  • Unfortunately, there are no Custom Scripts available for FS due to security issues. So, there will be no custom codes that can be written now until we can find an alternative. Please be prepared to plan to redesign your homepages.
  • 15 Sep 2022 remains the deadline for our current SP portal to be in READ ONLY mode. Once in READ ONLY mode, you won't be able to upload, edit, or add anything to it.
  • 1 Oct 2022, publish FS. We will send the link once we've created all sites/subsites. All Site Owners need to scrub their sites for errors and missing documents. Please update your own site for missing documents because iNavy is not creating a backup of the old SharePoint portal. (this has changed to 15 Sep)
  • 7 Oct 2022, the Web Team will be available to help you with your new environment. Please be patient because there are 118+ parent subsites and 700+ child subsites on our portal.

Resource Files:  Important Notes:
  1. Only ACTIVE files shall be stored on the new FlankSpeed SharePoint portal. Not for storage or backup use. (See #5 below for alternative solution.)
  2. There is a retention policy being created at the end of 2022. This policy will delete files that are two years or older. A waiver may be submitted if needed to remain in Active Files of SharePoint.
  3. FlankSpeed SharePoint shall not be used as storage for your documents, files, images, videos, etc. Please consult with your Records Manager and may utilized SECNAVINST 5210.8F and SECNAV M-5210.2 for guidance. You may use these files to start with command records retention, filing under schedule codes, etc.
  4. ​In the case of FlankSpeed SharePoint becomes degraded and inaccessible due to large files stored on your department/division's site collection, your website will be disabled until you removed all extra files (used as storage) within your site collection. There is no set quota for each division yet, but we highly recommend staying below 5 GB of files within your whole department. (Ex. SWE, SMWDC, N4 Readiness, Eng/DC, COMDESRON 7, ATGPN, ATG, ACB 1, DDG 1000, TACRON 12, etc.)
  5. Everyone that is on FlankSpeed have 1 TB of storage on their personal OneDrive. CNSP recommends having the department head allocate a folder specific for their department and share that folder to the member of that department. There, you can make backups of all your old/archived files but remain accessible by the whole department. It is still a best practice to have a physical harddrive for secondary backup in case FlankSpeed becomes inaccessible.

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