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CCSG 11 LogoIn 1973, a major reorganization of the Navy's cruiser-destroyer force resulted in Cruiser-Destroyer Flotilla Nine's (CRUDESFLOT NINE) re-designation as Cruiser Destroyer Group Five (CDG5). In 2004, another realignment of our forces afloat required a second name change to Carrier Strike Group Eleven (CSG11).

The primary mission of CRUDESFLOT NINE during the Vietnam era had been to ensure the effective employment of approximately 60 cruisers and destroyers in the United States SEVENTH Fleet. By January 1973, with the end of hostilities in Vietnam, Flotilla NINE had expended nearly 80,000 rounds in Naval gunfire support missions. This offshore firepower, and the equally important role of search and rescue coordination, were vital parts of the extensive Naval presence in the South China Sea .

Today, a single surface combatant wields the firepower equivalent of several cruisers and destroyers of the past. As an example, today's TOMAHAWK cruise missile, fired from cruisers and destroyers, is able to penetrate hundreds of miles into enemy territory to strike a single target with pinpoint accuracy.

Today's Carrier Strike Group is leaner than any carrier battle force of the past. Current ship and aircraft configuration, combined with the updated training and readiness schedule ensure ready response for quick surge to any area of operations around the globe. Nimitz Strike Group, lead by Commander Carrier Strike Group Eleven is made up of an aircraft carrier with it's embarked air wing, a cruiser, two destroyers, and an attack submarine. Together, this Naval Strike force constitutes the single most powerful mobile force in the world.
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