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Our organization’s mission is to serve as the Commander, Naval Surface Forces Pacific (CNSP) Regional Executive Agent for Naval Station Everett (NSE) homeported surface combatants and to assist in managing the overall warfighting capability of the surface combatant force and maintaining the highest level of engineering, combat systems, logistics, medical and personnel readiness.


Regional Support Organization Pacific Northwest coordinates a wide range of services to NSE homeported surface combatants and other transiting surface ships as directed by CNSP.


  • Plans, directs, and administers the operation of staff administration, providing direction and supervision of personnel to include all aspects of administrative assistance and training.
  • Provides administrative and manning oversight and assistance to all NSE homeported surface combatants if needed and requested, including assistance with monitoring the Officer Distribution Control Report (ODCR) and Enlisted Billet Based Distribution (BBD) report, advising of developing manning shortages, and providing personnel administration assistance and training.
  • Provide a Command Pay/Personnel Administrative Support System (PASS) Coordinator (CPC) to coordinate all RSO PNW staff military personnel functions with Personnel Support Detachment (PSD), NSE.

Command Career Counselor

  • Provides NSE homeported surface ships, Afloat Training Group Pacific Northwest (ATG PNW), and DESRON NINE with guidance, training, and support to implement effective retention programs and provides career counseling for individual Sailors.
  • Acts as CNSP agent and subject matter expert for all career counseling and information related items. Utilizes Career Information Management System (CIMS) analytics to monitor and conduct annual command Career Development Program reviews.


  • Acts as the principal medical advisor for RSO PNW, supported DESRONs and serves as the Medical ISIC for all NSE homeported surface combatants providing assessment, inspection, technical assistance, and health service support in the execution of policy to ensure manning, training, supply and equipment requirements are met, medical/dental readiness standards are met, and Medical Departments maintain a high state of readiness to deliver optimal healthcare to the crew and embarked personnel.
  • Provides personnel and equipment expertise, providing medical and administrative support for ship Independent Duty Corpsmans (IDC), and performs medical readiness inspections in conjunction with support from Medical Readiness Division San Diego.
  • Monitors and coordinates NAVOSH Program assessments and workplace monitoring.
  • Facilitates health promotion and advises commands on the Green "H" Program.
  • Coordinates emergency medical care, medical consultations and physical examinations for NSE homeported and visiting surface ship personnel as required.
  • Serves as Subject Matter Expert (SME) for higher authority upon request.


  • Supports operations, planning, policy, and programs and administer programs designed to maintain and improve the combat readiness of NSE homeported surface combatants as requested.
  • Liaisons with CNSP, Commander, THIRD Fleet (COMTHIRDFLT), and relevant stakeholders to generate and execute schedules that satisfy the full measure of readiness requirements, including the resolution of emergent schedule requirements and changes.
  • Serves as the scheduling agent while providing scheduling and coordination support on all operational matter for NSE homeported ships.
  • Provides Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) advice and assistance as requested and coordinates and monitors AT/FP matters for NSE homeported ships as required.
  • Acts as primary Navy Occupational Safety and Health (NAVOSH) and Environmental Protection Programs advisor to NSE homeported ships and coordinates inspections, as requested, to ensure compliance with requirements of local, Navy , Federal, and Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) safety standards.

Supply and Financial Management

  • Acts as the agent for Force Supply Officer in administering established logistics policies in support of NSE homeported ships and supported DESRONs.
  • Formulates, manages, and executes RSO PNW OPTAR while maintaining consumable office supplies.
  • Coordinates support in areas of transportation, staff spaces, equipment, and emergent logistics requirements.
  • Serves as CNSP EA and ISICs on-site representative, when requested, for Supply Management Certifications (SMCs), Limited Team Training (LTT) events, Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURVs) and other significant ship inspections or assessments.

Networks/Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems and Intelligence

  • Assists in providing oversight to NSE homeported surface combatants and enforces naval directives for network operations, security, management, and operational doctrine.
  • Coordinates communication technical support and facilitates, as requested, all ship and shore communications and information system functions in support of NSE homeported surface combatants.
  • Ensures published Combat Systems Readiness standards are maintained through monitoring of Combat Systems Readiness indicators.
  • Coordinates the upkeep and maintenance of the Combat Systems/Electronics suite for all NSE homeported surface combatants.


  • Acts as EA for CNSP in maintenance matters for all NSE homeported surface combatants.
  • Assists ships in preparing for material and readiness inspections and assessments by providing tailored training and program review in areas of Main Propulsion, Auxiliaries and Damage Control.
  • Interfaces with CNSP, Regional Maintenance Center (RMC) PNW, Port Engineers and PSNS & IMF (CODE 210) to address engineering, technical and ship class problems.
  • Monitors and manages progress of Continuous Maintenance Availabilities (CMAV), Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) scheduled maintenance availabilities and Basic phase training evolutions.


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Commander, Naval Surface Group Northwest (CNSGNW)

2000 W. Marine Drive
Everett, WA 98207

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