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KE KOA O KE KAI - The Warriors of the Sea



Represents the island homeport, Warrior Spirit and Pacific reach of Destroyer Squadron 31


Represents the squadron ships working in unison

DESRON 31 History

DESTROYER SQUADRON THREE ONE first appeared in the Organization List of the
United States Navy in September 1939.  During World War II, DESRON 31 ships
saw duty as members of the Northeastern Escort Force in Atlantic Fleet
convoy escort operations.  One squadron ship, USS TRUXTUN (DD 229) was
credited with the first sighting of an enemy submarine in the "Short-of-War"
period just prior to World War II.  On 31 October 1941, another squadron
ship, USS REUBEN JAMES (DD 245) became the first U.S. warship lost to enemy
action during World War II when she was torpedoed by a German U-Boat while
on convoy escort operations.

Disestablished in San Diego, California following World War II, DESRON 31
remained inactive until 01 February 1968, when the squadron was reactivated
as a unit of the Seventh Fleet operating in waters off Southeast Asia.
Deactivated again in early 1970, the squadron was reactivated for a second
time on 15 June 1971 and has remained on continuous active duty since then.

On 01 September 1985, DESRON 31 was designated as the Pacific Fleet
Ant-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Squadron and was tasked with enhancing
interoperability between U.S. and allied forces.  It served as the core for
ASW training and has fostered ASW tactical development.  While no longer
acting as the Pacific Fleet ASW squadron, DESRON 31 remains a key ASW
Surface Component for Pacific Fleet.  DESRON 31 shifted homeport to its
current location in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in 1991.

Between April 1993 and April 1997, COMDESRON 31, as an operational element
of Fifth and Seventh Fleets, completed four deployments to the Arabian Gulf
in support of Maritime Interception Operations and Operations DESERT STORM,
coordinated and conducted fourteen multi-lateral exercises with naval units
from ten different allied and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations.

In August 2002, COMDESRON 31 embarked USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72) as Sea
Combat Commander (SCC) for Carrier Strike Group actions in support of
Operations Coordinating Authority (SCOA), coordinated submarine operations
to support SSN Tomahawk strikes and in conjunction with Commander, Task
Force 50, was instrumental in developing and implementing Theater Ballistic
Missile Defense (TBMD) and Air Defense CONOPS.

In January 2005, COMDESRON 31 embarked USS CARL VINSON (CVN 70) as SCC for
Carrier Strike Group actions in support of Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and
IRAQI FREEDOM.  DESRON 31 returned to Pearl Harbor on 01 August 2005
following a seven-month, around-the-world deployment.

In June 2006, COMDESRON 31 embarked USS O'KANE (DDG 77) as Deputy Bi-Lateral
Force (BIF) and SCC in support of Rim of the Pacific 2006.  COMDESRON 31
also deployed on a four-month cruise to Southeast Asia as Mission Commander
for the 2007 PELELIU Pacific Partnership humanitarian assistance deployment
and  repeated their Pacific Partnership deployment efforts in 2008.

From 2009 through 2012, COMDESRON 31 conducted a series of bi-lateral
exercises with the countries of Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia,
Republic of the Philippines, Cambodia and Singapore in support of Exercises
Cooperative Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) and Southeast Asia
Cooperation against Terrorism (SEACAT).

In 2016, COMDESRON 31 was the command element for Pacific Surface Action
Group (PACSAG), leading USS MOMSEN (DDG 92), USS DECATUR (DDG 73), USS
SPRUANCE (DDG 111) and two embarked detachments from HSM-49 Helicopter
Maritime Strike Squadron. PACSAG conducted real-world operations in the
Western Pacific for seven months, operationalizing the two concepts of Third
Fleet Forward and Distributed Lethality.  In 2017, COMDESRON 31 successfully
completed PASCAG 2, leading USS STERETT (DDG 104), and USS DEWEY (DDG 105)
in the Western Pacific for four months.

In 2018, COMDESRON 31 was the mission commander for Pacific Partnership
which provided humanitarian assistance.  Countries visited included
Malaysia, Palau, Yap, Thailand, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.  COMDESRON 31 was
also the Surface Task Group commander for Pacific Dragon 2018, the largest
Allied Maritime Ballistic Missile Defense event in Indo-Pacific Command

In 2019, three COMDESRON 31 destroyers deployed mission-ready to
Indo-Pacific areas of operation.  Their training, readiness, and technical
acumen provided COMSEVENTHFLT operational commanders with exceptional
warfighting capabilities.

In 2020, two COMDESRON 31 destroyers deployed mission-ready to Indo-Pacific
areas of operation.   Additionally in 2020, COMDESRON 31 was the mission
commander for Pacific Partnership which provided humanitarian and disaster
relief assistance in the INDOPACIFIC area of responsibility (AOR).
COMDESRON 31 was also the Surface Task Group commander for two emergent
first-of-kind national taskings and Pacific Dragon 2020.

Currently, COMDESRON 31 is the Immediate Superior in Command (ISIC) for USS MOMSEN (DDG 92)
and USS DECATUR (DDG 73). As ISIC, COMDESRON 31 is responsible for direct
oversight of the training, maintenance, and readiness of these eight surface

Past Commodores:  
CAPT W. W. Bradley 1939-1940 Medal of Honor (1917) ADM A. S. Carpenter 1940  
VADM W. D. Baker 1940-1941 CAPT J. S. Roberts 1941-1942  
CAPT W. K. Phillips 1942-1943   CDR S. R. Clark 1943-1944  
CAPT G. W. Johnson 1944-1945 CAPT R. E. McCabe 01 FEB 1968 - 28 SEP 1968  
RADM R. C. Robinson 28 FEB1968 - 30 JAN 1969 CAPT R. Kirk 30 JAN 1969 - 01 JAN 1970  
CAPT R. Johnson, Jr 01 JAN 1970 - 15 SEP 1972 CAPT T. I. Kolstad 15 SEP 1972 - 15 APR 1974  
ADM J. R. Hogg 15 APR 1974 - 14 JUN 1974 RADM P. A. Lautermilch 14 JUN 1974 - 09 AUG 1975  
CAPT L. J. Brown 09 AUG 1975 - 11 APR 1977 ADM J. T. Howe 11 APR 1977 - 01 NOV 1978  
RADM J. M. Poindexter 01 NOV 1978 - 08 AUG 1980 CAPT P. T. Maier 08 AUG 1980 - 23 JUN 1982  
CAPT N. G. Mosher 23 JUN 1982 - 28 JUL 1984 RADM M. W. Ruck 28 JUL 1984 - 20 JUN 1986  
VADM J. R. Fitzgerald 20 JUN 1986 - 24 JUN 1988 VADM L. F. Gunn 24 JUN 1988 - 30 MAY 1990  
CAPT E. J. Halley, Jr 30 MAY 1990 - 14 MAR 1992 CAPT E. C. McDonough 14 MAR 1992 - 29 JAN 1994  
CAPT J. A. Reid 29 JAN 1994 - 07 JUL 1995 CAPT D. W. Prather 07 JUL 1995 - 02 MAY 1997
CAPT F. B. Guest III 02 MAY 1977 - 16 APR 1999 VADM P. H. Daly 16 APR 1999 - 18 DEC 2000
RADM M. H. Buzby 18 DEC 2000 - 22 NOV 2002 RDML P. H. Greene 22 NOV 2002 - 20 MAY 2004
RADM P. A. Gumataotao 20 MAY 2004 - 25 AUG 2005 CAPT F. W. Pfirrmann 25 AUG 2005 - 05 APR 2007
CAPT R. B. Stewart 05 APR 2007 - 04 JAN 2008 CAPT W. A. Kearns III 05 JAN 2008 - 30 JUL 2009
CAPT R. L. Clemmons, Jr 30 JUL 2009 - 21 JAN 2011  CAPT D. A. Welch 21  JAN 2011 - AUG 2012
CAPT W. G. Lovely AUG 2012 - JAN 2014 CAPT. Bushnell JAN 2014 - AUG 2015
CAPT C. Johnson  AUG 2015 - DEC 2016  CAPT D Bretz  DEC 2016 - JUN 2018
CAPT J. J.  Ring (28 JUN 2018 - 19 SEP 2019) CAPT W. H. Baxter (19 SEP 2019 - 15 JAN 2021)
CAPT D. V. Rauch (15 JAN 21 – 30 JUN 23)

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Commander, Destroyer Squadron (COMDESRON) 31

UNIT 25075
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