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Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard commander, destroyer squadron three one.  Please contact your command sponsor coordinator via email: (808) 551-0846. 
For more information about Pearl Harbor visit On behalf of the staff, I welcome you aboard and we look forward to your arrival.

Aloha - e komo mai.

You’ve likely found this web site, either because you are in receipt of orders to join DESTROYER SQUADRON THREE ONE, or because you have an interest in what destroyer squadrons do.

If you are in receipt of orders to COMDESRON 31, congratulations!  We welcome you to Ke Koa O Ke Kai.  You will find duty at COMDESRON 31 both challenging and rewarding.  DESRON staffs are designed to operate as a maritime command within a strike group, but we are quite versatile and our staff works a wide range of tasks and missions.


UNIT 25075
FPO AP 96601-4726

For Administrative Questions please call:  808-473-3134

We current have three primary missions:

-  COMDESRON THREE ONE serves as Immediate Superior in Command (ISIC) for seven Arleigh Burke class DDGs across four different home ports.

- Our ships' readiness for operations in forward areas of responsibility is our first and highest priority. We provide oversight for maintenance, manning and the Unit Level Training cycle. We also plan and conduct at sea exercises to develop integrated skills for our deploying ships.

- COMDESRON THREE ONE maintains tactical and operational proficiency to serve as a staff in operations and exercises in forward areas of responsibility. We hone our planning and command and coordination skills, and maintain situational awareness of current conditions and operations in forward operating Numbered Fleets.

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Commander, Destroyer Squadron (COMDESRON) 31

UNIT 25075
FPO AP 96601-4726

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