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USS Charleston (LCS 18)

While we Breathe, WE FIGHT

The colors Navy Blue and Gold are the traditional colors of the United States Navy and symbolize the teamwork of the current USS CHARLESTONs Blue and Gold crews. The galley ship represents the first USS CHARLESTON which was in commission from 1798 to 1802. The wavy bars denote the City of Charleston, specifically the Ashley and Cooper Rivers. The Charleston Navy Base provided defense for the United States from its formation in 1901 to its closure in 1996 and was home to the Naval Mine Warfare School established at the Charleston military facility. The palmetto tree and crescent moon are the traditional symbols of South Carolina
and are displayed on the states flag.

The palmetto frond extends out from the torse with stars representing the five ships previously named for Charleston, SC. The center star is enlarged to denote the battle star earned by the USS CHARLESTON (PG-51) during World War II. The American bald eagle with anchor is an iconic image of the US Navy and symbolizes the crews loyalty and pride.

The sword and cutlass represents the cooperation and combined efforts of USS CHARLESTONs officers and crew.

The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on an oval field within a dark blue designation band, edged with a gold chain and bearing the name USS CHARLESTON at the top and LCS 18 at the base

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USS Charleston (LCS 18) Logo
USS Charleston (LCS 18)

San Diego, CA

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