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USS Charleston (LCS 18)

While we Breathe, WE FIGHT

Welcome to San Diego!

Message from the CO 

15 March 2024 

From: Commanding Officer, USS CHARLESTON (LCS 18) 

To: Future Sailors, Friends, and Families of USS CHARLESTON 


Greetings and Congratulations on receiving orders to USS CHARLESTON (LCS 18), a ship with a proud history and vast operational experience. If you have received orders to USS CHARLESTON (LCS 18), please email and we will provide you with a sponsor to help make your transition as smooth as possible. We are excited to have you on board and welcome you to the USS CHARLESTON family!  

Named after the great city of CHARLESTON, South Carolina, USS CHARLESTON is eternally linked to a city deeply intertwined with the story of America. Our ship draws its motto from our namesake state, and serves as a testament of the strength and determination and drive of all members of our team. 

“Dum spiro, certo: While we Breathe, WE FIGHT”  

Littoral Combat Ships are outfitted with the latest and most technologically advanced weapon systems at sea today. Powered by a revolutionary new propulsion plant, the LCSclass ships can reach high speeds in order to execute an incredible range of missions. But none of these systems can function without the hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm of her crew. As a member of our team, you are essential to the success of our mission, which is to be project naval power aboard, and be prepared to conduct sustained combat operations at sea in support of national tasking.  

Your experience aboard USS CHARLESTON will provide many unique opportunities and challenges. As representatives of our crew, the ship as a whole, and the entirety of the United States Navy, I expect all of our Sailors to live by the Navy core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.  

We look forward to see you joining us among our ranks as a CHARLESTON Sailor, and I am confident this will be an unforgettable tour for you. 

CDR Matthew T. Knuth 
Commanding Officer 


 Welcome Message USS Charleston pdf


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is an Ombudsman?
Every Command has an Ombudsman who is a spouse of a sailor at the Command. The Ombudsman serves as the liaison between the command and the families. The Ombudsman is the point of contact for the families. He or she can assist families with navigating through Navy life through resources and information.

2. How can an Ombudsman help me?
Navy Family Ombudsmen are key resources for family members, particularly during deployments. Ombudsmen maintain current resource files with information on military and civilian community agencies that can help families solve a variety of problems, and successfully meet the challenges they face before, during, and after deployments. In addition to providing referral information, Ombudsmen can facilitate communication between the Command and family members. Ombudsmen may publish or contribute to command newsletters or maintain care lines, which have recorded messages with information for command families that can be accessed 24 hours a day. Ombudsmen can also assist families in contacting the Command for a variety of reasons.

3. What is the role of the COMNAVSURFPAC Force Ombudsman?
The Force Ombudsman provides oversight and guidance for all the Surface Ship's Ombudsmen in the Pacific Fleet Area of Responsibility. You can contact the Surface Forces Ombudsman at (619) 301-6983 or send an email to

4. What is an IA assignment or tour?
An IA is an Individual Augmentee. A Sailor may receive orders to go IA and this means that he or she will deploy as an Individual, not with their command. Sometimes an IA will deploy and be stationed with another branch of the Military.

5. What is NFAAS?
Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System. This is how the Navy will track your family and assess your needs during an emergency.

6. How can I find out more about medical, dental or Navy family resources?
Contact your Command Ombudsman. He or she will guide you to your resources.

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USS Charleston (LCS 18)

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