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“All American, All The Way”

DDG/DDG 125/USS-Jack-H-Lucas-DDG-125-Crest.jpgThe ship’s seal tells the remarkable story of Jacklyn Harold "Jack H" Lucas.

Encased in the traditional colors of the United States Marine Corps, gold and scarlet, the background illustrates the battle of Iwo Jima via Marines raising the American flag atop Mount Suribachi. On 20 February, 1945, a 17 year old Private First Class Jack H Lucas, serving in the 5th Marine Division (depicted as a PFC Devil Dog on the left-hand side), selflessly dove onto a grenade and simultaneously pulled another under his body, saving three of his fellow Marines. Although severely wounded, he survived, recovered, and was the youngest Marine ever to be awarded the Medal of Honor.  In 1961, wanting to continue to serve his country, he joined the United States Army, proudly serving to the rank of Captain in the 82nd Airborne Division (represented as a paratrooper on the right-hand side), where he survived a double parachute failure during training maneuvers. On the ocean’s horizon is a silhouette of the USS IWO JIMA (LHD 7), where Jack H Lucas’ Medal of Honor citation lies within the ship’s hull.  Seen in the foreground is the Medal of Honor, with the first in class Flight III Arleigh Burke Destroyer, USS JACK H LUCAS - DDG 125, front-and-center launching two advanced Standard Missiles.  Representing his faithful service which started at the age of 14, the 5th Marine Division Insignia is located on the lower left while the 82nd Airborne Insignia is located on the lower right of the Medal of Honor.  The Devil Dog, Paratrooper, and USS JACK H LUCAS – DDG 125, share the traditional Navy haze gray color, tying them all together in order to encapsulate Lucas’ remarkable story.  The ship’s motto, boldly displayed in riveted steel representing the strength of the ship, her crew, and the workers who built her, fittingly describes the spirit of Jack H Lucas - INDESTRUCTIBLE.
USS Jack H. Lucas (DDG 125) Logo
USS Jack H. Lucas

San Diego, CA

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