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Message from the CO
7 March 2024

FROM: Commanding Officer, USS MANCHESTER (LCS 14) GOLD

TO: Prospective Shipmates of USS MANCHESTER (LCS 14) GOLD


Congratulations on your orders to USS MANCHESTER (LCS 14) GOLD and welcome to the team. You are joining a professional, resilient, and deployment-tested crew of surface warriors and we look forward to your arrival.

The men and women of MANCHESTER GOLD share a connection with the former USS MANCHESTER (CL 83), a light cruiser commissioned in 1946 that conducted forward operations throughout the Mediterranean and Pacific. We are additionally connected to our namesake city of Manchester, New Hampshire, celebrated for its industrial and manufacturing prowess as the northeast developed into the country’s early economic hub.

My Command Philosophy is to BE READY. For now, as you prepare to join the team, being READY means completing your training pipeline, maybe executing a PCS move, and getting your family settled in San Diego. Please keep your sponsor up to date and let us know how we can help facilitate a smooth transition to the team.

Your time aboard MANCHESTER GOLD will be both challenging and rewarding. Take pride in your assignment – you will be doing your part to maintain a Free and Open INDOPACIFIC, vital to our country’s security and prosperity.

Congratulations again!

               ~BE READY~

                        Matthew G. Farrell
                            Commanding Officer
                                                      USS MANCHESTER (LCS 14) GOLD


Sponsor Coordinator

Hello! from your Command Sponsor Coordinator. I want to be the first to say welcome aboard shipmate! You are reporting to one of the Fleets finest Littoral Combat Ships. This is a great ship and I am sure it will be very rewarding for you. Please browse the website for information about the command and check out our electronic Welcome Aboard Package below for information about San Diego. If you need a sponsor contact me via email. I look forward to seeing you on the deckplates.


USS Manchester (LCS 14) Logo
USS Manchester (LCS 14) Blue

UNIT 100119 BOX 1
FPO AP 96691

USS Manchester (LCS 14) Gold
SAN DIEGO, CA 92136-5049

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