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USS Savannah (LCS 28)


Savannah is a fast, optimally-manned, mission-tailored surface combatant that operates in near-shore and open-ocean environments, winning against 21st-century coastal threats.


          SHIELD- Red, white, blue and gold are the official colors of the state of Georgia and here they illuminate Savannah as the oldest city of the state. Established in 1733 on the Savannah River, the wavy

white fess bears five anchors to represent the five previous United States ship to honor the city. The cobblestone represents the antiquity and uniqueness of the city. The USS SAVANNAH (CL-42) served in World War II and received three battle stars, symbolized by the two gold stars in chief and one in base. The second gold star in base denotes the one earned by the USS SAVANNAH (AOR-4) in Vietnam, the boar’s head is traditional symbol of Savannah hospitality. The boar’s head is from the arms of James Edward Oglthorpe, founder of the first Georgia colony, established in Savannah. The trident illustrates the domination of seas both above and below the waterline. The lighting bolts are symbols of speed and agility, traits of the Independence- class of littoral combat ships.

          CREST- The wreath adopts the first-named metal and color from the shield and blazon. The city hall dome is the most recognized Savannah landmark and is displayed on the city seal. The Cherokee Rose, a hardy plant, is the Georgia state flower.

          MOTTO- The ships motto is adapted from the seal of the first Georgia Colony, established in Savannah.

SEAL- The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a white oblong disc within a blue designation band, edged with a gold roped border and bearing the “USS SAVANNAH” at the top and “LCS 28” at the base.


         USS SAVANNAH I (GALLEY) 1799-1802

                    -The first SAVANNAH was one of a number of small vessels authorized by an Act of Congress, approved 4 May 1798, to be used as Naval Militia training craft and for harbor defense. The SAVANNAH class was designed by Joshua Humphreys and built at Savannah, Georgia by John Patterson.

          USS SAVANNAH II (FRIGATE) 1842-1870

                    -The second SAVANNAH was begun in1820 at the New York Navy Yard, but she remained on the stocks until 5 May 1842, when she was launched. She was one of nine frigates to be built from a prototype design by naval architect William Doughty.

          USS SAVANNAH III (AS 8) (SUBMARINE TENDER) 1917-1934

                    -The third SAVANNAH was launched on 18 April 1899 as the German commercial freighter SAXONIA before being seized by the United States in 1917. Renamed SAVANNAH on 9 June 1917 and converted to a submarine tender on 20 Oct 1917, she was commissioned on 3 Nov 1917 at Puget Sound Navy Yard with Lieutenant Commander Arthur Jensen in command.

          USS SAVANNAH (CL 42) 1938-1959

                    -The fourth SAVANNAH (CL 42) was laid down on 31 May 1934 at Camden, New Jersey by New York Shipbuilding Corp. Launched on 8 May 1937; sponsored by Miss Jayne M. Bowden, niece of Senator Richard B. Russell, Jr. of Georgia; and commissioned at the Philadelphia Navy Yard on 10 March 1938, with Captain Robert C. Griffin in command. 


                    -The fifth was laid down on 22 January 1969 by the Quincy Shipbuilding Division, General Dynamics Corp, Quincy, Massachusetts; launched on 23 April 1970; sponsored by Mrs. Ralph L. Shifley, wife of Vice Admiral R.L Shifley, Deputy Chief of Naval Operation; commissioned on 5 December 1970, with Captain Bernard P. Williams


          Referred to as “The Hostess City of the South,” Savannah, Georgia’s first city, was established in February 1733 when general James Oglethorpe and the 120 passengers of the good ship “Anne” landed in a bluff high along the Savannah River. The city’s original layout included 24 ordinal squares; 22 of which exist today.


USS Savannah (LCS 28)

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