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From: Commanding Officer, USS SAVANNAH (LCS 28) BLUE

To: Prospective Shipmates and Friends of USS SAVANNAH (LCS 28) BLUE


1. Congratulations on your assignment TO USS SAVANNAH (LCS 28) BLUE the finest ship and crew in the Fleet! Our home port is Naval Base San Diego. USS SAVANNAH (LCS 28) is a Littoral Combat Ship, a fast, agile, mission-focused platform designed to operate in near-shore environments while capable of open-ocean tasking.

2. Your sponsor is ready to assist you in the transition to becoming a leader on the SAVANNAH team. If you have not yet been assigned a sponsor, please email us at: If you have any questions about fleet and family services you can contact our Ombudsman at 619-249-4626. I also encourage you to visit our Facebook page at for more information about the ship, our mission, and our amazing team.

3. Your new mailing address will be:
UNIT 100518 BOX 1
FPO AP 96695

4. Please keep your sponsor informed of your PCS leave address, email and phone number. If at any time you are unable to contact your sponsor, please feel free to email CMDCS Thomas Peterson at, or our Command Duty Officer can be contacted at 619-865-1939.

5. Our SAVANNAH ship motto is: Not for Self, But for Others!

6. Likewise, ships go into battle executing Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, or “TTP.” In SAVANNAH BLUE, my own TTP for our crew are: Trust, Teamwork, and Professionalism. We look forward to welcoming you aboard and YOUR teamwork on the deck plates!

Very respectfully,
CDR Dan Sledz, USN
Commanding Officer, USS SAVANNAH (LCS 28) BLUE


USS Savannah (LCS 28)

UNIT 100518 BOX 1
FPO AP 96695


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