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PCU John L. Canley (ESB 6) Banner
Combat Ready, Battle Minded

Train, Maintain, Fight

Combat Ready, Battle Minded
Commanding Officer
Captain Claudine Caluori
Captain Claudine Caluori
Captain Claudine Caluori
Photo By: CNSP
VIRIN: 230718-N-N0831-0004

CAPT Claudine Caluori

Executive Officer
Captain Mark B. Stefanik
Captain Mark B. Stefanik
Captain Mark B. Stefanik
Photo By: CNSP
VIRIN: 230718-N-N0831-0005

CAPT Mark B. Stefanik

Command Master Chief
Master Chief Jimmy L. McGill
Master Chief Jimmy L. McGill
Master Chief Jimmy L. McGill
Photo By: CNSP
VIRIN: 221006-N-N0831-0002

CMDCM Jimmy L. McGill

Other MilCrew

Ship's Master 
Captain Austin R. Hanbury
Captain Austin R. Hanbury
Captain Austin R. Hanbury
Photo By: CNSP
VIRIN: 240125-N-N0831-0001

CAPT Austin R. Hanbury

Chief Engineer
Jason C. Briggs
Jason C. Briggs
Jason C. Briggs
Photo By: CNSP
VIRIN: 220622-N-N0831-0002

Jason C. Briggs

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Past Leaders of USS RGO
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CommandTitleRank / NameFromToBio if available
TACRON 11COCDR Jaime Delcore7/13/20219/17/2021
TACRON 11XOCDR Paul Case7/13/20219/17/2021
CG 67XOLCDR Aaron Arky10/5/20206/7/2021
NBU 7CMCCMDCM Bethel6/29/20186/2/2021
DDG 114COCDR Rob Biggs11/15/20196/28/2021
CG 73XOCDR Zack Bittner11/5/20204/7/2022
CCSG 5CMDCMCMDCM(AW/SW/FMF) Curtis D. Blunt11/22/20196/1/2021
LCS 4XOCommander Michael Moran7/6/20209/20/2021
DDG 60CMDCMCMDCM Jared C. Hofmann4/22/20219/20/2021
MCM 7XOLCDR Lawrence "Rod" Hanks10/26/20209/21/2021
CPR 11CSOCDR Jeremy R. Ewing9/22/20209/22/2021
MCMRON 7CDRECAPT Derek S. Brady8/4/20207/22/2021
CG 65CMDCMCMDCM Don E. Brockman5/5/20196/21/2021
LCS 8 BLUE CREWCMCCMDCS Damien Brown5/1/20218/5/2022
LCS 8 BLUE CREWXOCommander Joseph Bubulka12/25/20204/18/2022
DDG 83CMCCMDCM (SW/AW) John J. Lanza6/5/20189/22/2021
DDG 92COCMDR William S. Buford7/7/20208/6/2021
LCS 6XOCDR Brian Bungay4/21/20209/10/2021
LCS 10 GOLD CREWXOCDR Will Carr4/20/20186/11/2021
CNSGMPCORDML Robert Chadwick, II3/15/20216/8/2022
CG 71XOLT Victor Chan4/2/20214/25/2022
LHD 8XOCaptain Tony "TC" Chavez12/1/20209/9/2021
ACB 1CMDCMCMDCM (SCW/EXW) Nathan K. Chun9/15/20206/29/2021
CDS 1DCDRECAPT Gilbert E. Clark10/31/20209/2/2021
CDS 1CDRECAPT Jay Clark6/30/20209/2/2021
ACB 1COCAPT Dan Cook1/1/20157/29/2021
DDG 59XOCDR Kelly Craft2/15/20216/22/2021
LCS 8CO BLUECommander Austin Duff12/15/20204/18/2022
DDG 69COCDR Rob Niemeyer7/20/20209/17/2021
LSD 49COCDR William Fensterer4/24/20208/13/2021
CPR 1CSOCDR Nathan Fugate1/1/201510/3/2021
DDG 105COCDR Neil R. Gabriel10/5/20195/14/2021
DDG 52XOCDR Travis A. Montplaisir 5/20/20199/27/2021
LPD 18COCAPT Brian Schrum 7/14/20209/27/2021
DDG 76COCDR Nick Wissel8/7/20209/27/2021
DDG 76XOCDR Joseph L. McGettigan8/7/20209/27/2021
DDG 76CMDCMCMDCM Larry L. Gordon11/12/20199/27/2021
CG 52XOCDR Joey Vitollo1/20/20209/28/2021
DDG 53XOCDR Rob Franklin5/22/20209/29/2021
MineDiv 12SELCSCS(SW) Abelardo G. Dripps3/24/202110/1/2021
CPR 1CMDCMCMDCM Johnson8/27/202110/3/2021
DDG 65COCDR Jeremy Carlson12/9/202010/7/2021
DDG 65XOCDR Marcus Seeger3/9/202010/7/2021
LPD 25COCAPT Dave Kurtz12/20/20209/24/2021
LCS 24CMDCSCMDCS Donna K. Baraoidan12/15/202010/14/2021
DDG 63XOCDR Bryan P. Hart12/10/202010/18/2021
LSD 42CMCCMDCM(SW/AW/FMF) Andrew J. Tyler10/10/202010/12/2021
CPR 3COCaptain Bateshansky10/10/202110/19/2021
LPD 27XOCDR Carne Livingston 12/10/202010/21/2021
LCS 6CMDCSCMDCS (SW/AW) Kristi Pashkevich6/7/201910/22/2021
CCSG 5CORDML Will Pennington11/4/202010/25/2021
ACU 5CMDCMCMDCM(SW) Avinash “Tony” Ramsingh3/3/202110/26/2021
DDG 62COCDR Scott T. Wilbur1/5/202010/28/2021
DDG 62XOCDR David J. Catterall11/5/202010/28/2021
CTG 1CSOCDR Matthew Fountain1/1/201510/28/2021
DDG 88COCDR John P. Baggett12/1/202010/29/2021
DDG 88COCDR Peter Lesaca12/10/202010/29/2021
DDG 88CMCCMDCM (SW/AW) Franklin E. Dominguez Jr.12/10/202010/29/2021
LPD 25XOCDR Mahoney10/10/202011/3/2021
MCM 7COLCDR Earvin M. Taylor10/26/202011/3/2021
LSD 47XOLCDR Tammi Ballinger2/20/202111/4/2021
BMU 1XOCDR Albert 10/10/202011/5/2021
LCS 12XOLCDR Phillip O. Lundberg6/17/202111/8/2021
MINEDIV 12CSOLCDR Eric Hernandez4/3/202011/8/2021
LCS 18CO GoldCommander Joseph Burgon9/20/202011/11/2021
LCS 18XO GoldCDR John I. Actkinson2/24/202111/11/2021
CG 67COCAPT Sharif H. Calfee12/5/202110/19/2021
DDG 73COCDR Derek Rader5/5/202011/15/2021
BMU 1CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW/EXW) Bernal10/10/202011/17/2021
DDG 85XOCDR Steven Zielechowski5/5/202011/17/2021
ATGWPXOLCDR Cole Greenhouse5/10/202111/18/2021
DDG 118ACMFCACM Lucas A. Riojas4/27/202111/19/2021
ACU 5COCAPT Chris Nelson10/10/202011/19/2021
DDG 106XOCDR Justin Bummara12/1/202011/18/2021
DDG 53COCDR Robert Watts8/20/202011/24/2021
ACU 1CMDCMCMDCM Ronnie J. Auman1/1/202111/24/2021
CG 63CMDCMCMDCM David B. Jaynes2/5/201812/1/2021
LPD 22CMCCMDCM(SW/AW/IW) Joshua J. Jackson4/5/201812/1/2021
BMU 1COCDR Kelly Mahaffey10/10/202012/2/2021
SURFDEVRON 1CSOCDR Michelle Morgan10/10/202012/1/2021
LCS 24 BLUECOCDR Francisco X. Garza12/15/202012/3/2021
LCS 24 BLUEXOCDR Derek C. Jaskowiak10/15/202012/3/2021
LCS 24 BLUE CREWCMCCMDCS (SW/AW) Robert B. Strupczewski10/14/202112/3/2021
LCS 22CMCCMDCS (SW/AW) David C. Hyatt6/30/202012/7/2021
DDG 52COCDR Chris Gahl5/24/202012/7/2021
CPR 5COCAPT Tony Rodriguez4/1/202112/9/2021
DDG 1001COCAPT Andrew Liggett12/15/202012/10/2021
DDG 1001XOCAPT Garrett Miller12/15/202012/10/2021
CPR 5SELMMCS Norman Sugai4/1/202112/13/2021
MCM 10COLCDR Eric Smitley10/26/202012/20/2021
MCM 10XOLCDR Jesse M. DuParc6/2/202012/20/2021
DDG 105CMDCMCMDCM Craig Johnson1/5/201912/21/2021
LPD 20CMCCMDCM Scott Vlaming3/11/202112/22/2021
LCS 8 GOLD XOCDR Michael Tyree6/22/202112/23/2021
LCS 8 GOLDCMDCSCMDCS Terry Loeffelholz6/22/202112/23/2021
DDG 111XOCDR Douglas A. Robb10/15/202012/28/2021
ESB 5COCDR Keith Nielsen1/31/20194/11/2021
LCS 22COCAPT Christopher K. Brusca6/29/202012/29/2021
CDS 21SELOSCS (SW/AW/EXW/SCI) Paul Reynolds12/15/202012/29/2021
LCS 26XOCDR Christopher H. Bland12/9/202012/30/2021
CDS 21COCAPT T.J. Zerr12/15/20211/3/2022
CDS 21XOCAPT Brian A. Ribota1/1/20151/3/2022
LCS 4COCDR Dustin T. Lonero11/13/20201/4/2022
LCC 19CMCCMDCM Adrian D. Watkins1/15/20201/5/2022
CG 53CMDCMCMDCM William Webster4/20/20211/10/2022
DDG 118COCDR DonAnn Gilmore3/7/20191/14/2022
DDG 118 XOCDR Dave Haile3/7/20191/14/2022
DDG 108COCDR Bryan Geisert8/5/202012/20/2021
DDG 108XOCDR Christopher J. Green8/5/202012/20/2021
DDG 120CMDCMCMDCM Phillip M. Ingram3/1/20211/19/2022
DDG 92CMCCMDCM William L. Meyer III6/28/20191/20/2022
CDS 9XOCAPT Adam Fleming11/1/20201/20/2022
CDS 9COCAPT Elaine A. Collins11/1/20201/20/2022
DDG 85COCDR David Sandomir9/5/20201/21/2022
DDG 63CMCCMDCM Jason S. Edney12/10/20201/21/2022
LCS 16 GOLD CREWCMDCSCMDCS (EXW) Virginia L. Horton​12/15/20201/20/2022
DDG 63COCDR John Kajmowicz1/1/20211/25/2022
CDS 23XOCAPT Patrick H. O'Mahoney1/1/20152/7/2022
LPD 23XOCDR Ludwig Mann III10/14/20202/8/2022
MCM 9CMDCSSenior Chief Powell10/19/20192/8/2022
DDG 102XOCDR William M. Bencini11/5/20202/16/2022
DDG 1000COCAPT Gary L. Cave3/1/20212/16/2022
DDG 1000XOCAPT Amy M. McInnis3/1/20212/16/2022
CG 71COCDR Molly L. Lawton10/5/20202/24/2022
LPD 26XOCDR Jayson Larsen11/15/20203/1/2022
LCS 12CO GoldCDR Michael Tyree1/4/20223/1/2022
LPD 26CMCCMDCM (SW/AW/EXW/SCW) Tychicious Turner3/6/20203/2/2022
DDG 115 XOCDR Charles T. Cooper12/1/20203/8/2022
CDS 23COCAPT Steven R. McDowell 3/1/20213/7/2022
ACU 5COCAPT Scott A. Carroll11/19/20213/10/2022
ACU 5XOCDR Lida Cooper10/10/20203/10/2022
ACU 5CMDCMCMDCM (SW) Jason Ortega10/26/20213/10/2022
CDS 31XOCAPT Donald V. Rauch1/15/20153/15/2022
CDS 31SELDCCM(SW) Robert W. McGregor1/1/20153/15/2022
CNBG 1XOCDR Andrew J. Woolley1/1/20153/16/2022
CDS 31COCAPT Kenneth M. Athans1/15/20213/18/2022
LCS 6XOCDR Michael A. Winslow10/2/20203/19/2022
ATGPNWXOLCDR Beatty8/20/20193/22/2022
DDG 112XOCDR Joshua D. Kristenson5/14/20213/23/2022
ESB 5XOLCDR Marty Blomberg4/11/20213/23/2022
CG 52COCAPT Shea S. Thompson5/5/20204/4/2022
DDG 111COCDR Micah T. Sybor12/20/20204/4/2022
DDG 90 COCDR Shane Dennis4/25/20204/5/2022
DDG 90XOLCDR Gary "Joe" Bickel1/22/20214/5/2022
ESG 3XOCaptain Quin 10/10/20204/6/2022
CG 73XOCDR Matthew C. Kenfield6/11/20214/6/2022
LHA 6COCAPT Kenneth “Spool” Ward12/11/20204/6/2022
LHA 6XOCAPT W. Shockey Snyder11/10/20204/6/2022
LCS 4CMCCMDCS Alan Benavidez 3/17/20184/7/2022
LHA 7XOCAPT John C. Kiefaber11/15/20204/10/2022
LHD 2 XOCAPT Aaron J. Taylor1/22/20204/11/2022
DDG 60XOCDR Jake Ferrari 12/15/20204/11/2022
LHD 2CMCCMDCM (SW/AW/IW) Augustine C. Cooper 1/22/20214/14/2022
DDG 1001CMDCMCMDCM Jacob Shafer12/15/20204/18/2022
DDG 91XOCDR Eric Madonia12/1/20204/24/2022
CG 71XOLCDR Kendall S. Scott3/3/20214/25/2022
CG 59XOCDR Jenna Van Zeyl6/9/20214/25/2022
DDG 91COCDR Ryan Conole12/15/20204/28/2022
DDG 60COCDR Keith T. Turner 12/15/20204/29/2022
LPD 20XOLCDR Patrick L. Kiefer 3/18/20214/28/2022
DDG 102COCDR Adam C. Soukup12/5/20205/1/2022
CNSPDCDRRDML Joey Dodgen10/9/20185/2/2022
DDG 106COCDR Brandon Booher12/10/20205/2/2022
LHD 2COCAPT Kelly T. Fletcher1/22/20215/9/2022
DDG 115COCDR Jeffery Murawski12/20/20205/6/2022
DDG 121CMCCMDCM (SW/AW/IW) Charles Smith11/6/20195/9/2022
ACU 1XOCDR Kristina Stoner10/10/20205/10/2022
LCS 3CMDCSCMDCS (SW/AW/IW) Kristopher D. Freyberg11/6/20205/12/2022
SURFDEVRON 1COCAPT Jeffrey L. Heames12/7/20215/13/2022
LSD 48COCDR Keith Tate5/2/20215/13/2022
DDG 77XOCDR Kevin K. McClellan9/8/20215/16/2022
MCM 14XOLCDR C. Randy Hayes4/1/20215/18/2022
DDG 77COCDR Michelle Fontenot11/1/20205/19/2022
CG 62CMDCMCMDCM (AW/SW/FMF/IW) Oneil Lewis8/5/20205/18/2022
DDG 110CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW) Aaron M. Barnby9/5/20185/18/2022
DDG 120SELFCCS Michael S. Miller1/19/20225/19/2022
DDG 104XOCDR Christopher M. Descovich12/28/20205/22/2022
DDG 100CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW/EXW) Veng Tao Ngov4/25/20205/23/2022
LCS 6COCDR Michael Root10/2/20205/24/2022
CG 62COCDR Daniel Supple8/4/20205/26/2022
LPD 18XOCDR Kenneth W. Zilka7/14/20205/25/2022
LPD 20CO CAPT Tate Robinson3/11/20215/31/2022
LHA 6CMCCMDCM Randy J. Bell7/28/20206/1/2022
SURFACEDIV 11CSOLCDR Jon R. Heil 8/28/20196/3/2022
LCS 26CMDCMCMDCM Raymond Cabral12/9/20206/3/2022
DDG 113COCDR Bralyn E. Cathey11/29/20206/7/2022
DDG 113 XOCDR Angela Gonzales12/3/20206/7/2022
LSD 45COCDR Matthew D. Gleason4/25/20216/8/2022
LSD 45XOCDR Bryan Gallant4/26/20216/8/2022
CNSGMPCORDML Timothy J. Kott6/21/20216/8/2022
CNSGMPCOSCAPT Joe Ring12/10/20206/8/2022
DDG 88COCDR Peter E. Lesaca10/29/20216/14/2022
LSD 52COCDR Daniel Follett1/7/20216/15/2022
LSD 52XOCDR Sameer Khanna2/12/20216/15/2022
ACU 1COCDR Tiffany Checca12/10/20206/15/2022
CG 53COCAPT Jeremy Gray12/15/20205/26/2022
DDG 90CMCCMDCM(SW/AW) Benito Encinias5/15/20196/17/2022
DDG 56XOCDR Joseph J. Gunta2/17/20216/22/2022
LCC 19COCAPT Tim Waits2/17/20216/23/2022
LCSRON 1COCAPT John “Jack” Fay3/1/20216/24/2022
MCM 14COLCDR James C. Billings III5/3/20216/26/2022
DDG 89XOCDR Richard D. Slye3/9/20216/27/2022
ESB 5 BLUE CREWCOCAPT Troy A. Fendrick10/10/20206/27/2022
ESB 5 BLUE CREWCMDCSCMDCS Suxuan Oonyu3/11/20216/27/2022
LPD 22XOCDR Tiana Tafua7/6/20216/28/2022
LSD 42XOCDR Michael J. Welgan3/29/20226/28/2022
CPR 11CDRECAPT Greg Baker3/3/20216/27/2022
LSD 42COCDR Cullen M. Greenfield1/13/20214/21/2022
CPR 11SELMMCM (SW/AW) Damien Franklin6/25/20196/28/2022
CDS 15DCDRECAPT Walter C. Mainor2/9/20216/28/2022
DDG 93XOCDR Kevin M. Schaeffer6/26/20196/30/2022
DDG 52CMCCMDCM (SW) Carlos Gonzalez1/17/20217/1/2022
MCM 14CMDCSCMDCS (SW/IW/AW) Antonio L. Roberts5/18/20227/3/2022
DDG 97XOCDR Amanda G. Browning3/22/20217/7/2022
LCS 26 BLUE CREWCOCDR Christopher W. Wolff12/9/20207/8/2022
DDG 59XOCDR Brett Jasionowski6/22/20217/11/2022
ESG 3 DCDRCol. William W. Hooper4/6/20227/11/2022
ESG 3CMDCMCMDCM Matthew E. Danforth4/6/20227/11/2022
DDG 97CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW) Raymond Muro8/7/20207/13/2022
DDG 104COCDR Shaun E. Dennis3/12/20217/14/2022
LCS 1CSOCDR John T. Zablocki10/1/20217/14/2022
LCS 20COCAPT Colin A. Corridan10/2/20207/15/2022
LCS 20XOCDR Justin L. Guernsey5/26/20217/15/2022
DDG 110XOCDR Kellie Smith2/16/20217/16/2022
CPR 7CDRE Capt Jennifer L. Elinger1/20/20227/21/2022
CG 63COCAPT Michael J. Rak10/10/20207/26/2022
CG 59CMDCMCMDCM Damiean Williams12/15/20207/28/2022
LPD 26COCAPT Gervy Alota7/10/20207/29/2022
DDG 110CMDCSCMDCS (SW/AW) Jackey J. Smith5/18/20227/29/2022
LPD 23COCAPT Pete Riebe5/18/20218/1/2022
LCS 16COCDR Travis Dvorak4/14/20217/29/2022
LCS 16 GOLD CREWXOCDR Erin N. Connor6/10/20217/29/2022
LHA 7COCAPT Joel Lang12/15/20208/1/2022
ATGMIDPACCMDCMCMDCM(SW/AW) Quentin T. Newsom4/16/20198/1/2022
LCS 10 BLUE CREWCOCDR Michael E. Piano9/1/20208/1/2022
LCS 10 BLUE CREWXOCDR Phillip C. Herndl 10/1/20208/1/2022
CG 71COCDR David C. Sandomir2/24/20228/3/2022
TACRON 12COCDR Jason A. Ahmanson5/1/20218/4/2022
TACRON 12XOCDR Scott E. Welles5/1/20218/4/2022
DDG 113CMDCMCMDCM Erika J. Lavallais4/15/20198/4/2022
LCS 16 BLUE CREWCMDCSCMDCS (SW/SCW/EXW) Rafael Alberto Escoto12/10/20208/4/2022
ACB 1XOCDR Chris D. Kim12/10/20208/4/2022
ACB 1CMDCMCMDCM Joseph Hampton6/29/20218/4/2022
LCS 8 CMDCSCMDCS Alberto A. Torres4/29/20218/5/2022
LCSRON 1CMDCMCMDCM Mark L. Christman2/18/20158/10/2022
LCS 16 BLUE CREWCOCDR Brandon Cornes 12/15/20208/12/2022
LCS 16 BLUE CREWXOCDR Andrew Greenlees10/10/20208/12/2022
DDG 120XOCDR Nathaniel J. Chase7/19/20198/15/2022
CG 70COCAPT Gilbert Ayan5/22/20208/15/2022
LCS 10CMDCMCMDCM Artem 'Art' Murodov4/12/20218/15/2022
MCM 9COLCDR Zachary B. Martens 7/15/20218/16/2022
MCM 9XOLCDR Aaron A. Jochimsen4/14/20218/15/2022
LCS 14 BLUE CREWXOCDR Ralph Lufkin4/1/20218/16/2022
LCS 14 BLUE CREWCMDCSCMDCS Regita Perry12/15/20218/16/2022
CTG 1CDRECAPT Jeffrey P. Holzer 10/28/20218/17/2022
CG 63COCAPT Victor J. Garza7/27/20228/17/2022
DDG 93CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW) Josephine T. Tauoa 5/5/20208/18/2022
CDS 15CDRECAPT Chase Sargeant 2/9/20218/17/2022
DDG 105COCDR Jermaine B. Brooms5/14/20218/21/2022
DDG 105XOCDR Nicholas Hoffman4/4/20218/21/2022
CG 57XOCDR Thad Tasso5/7/20218/1/2022
LCS 14 GOLD CREWCOCDR Robert Burke 12/15/20208/22/2022
LCS 14 GOLD CREWXOCDR Colleen E. Moore10/13/20218/22/2022
CG 54CMDCMCMDCM (SW) Matthew R. Lashley6/1/20208/23/2022
LHD 4 COCAPT Katie Ellis2/11/20218/24/2022
LHD 4 XOCAPT Matthew W. Cieslukowski2/11/20218/24/2022
CDS 1CDRECAPT Gilbert E. Clark9/2/20218/25/2022
CDS 1DCDRECAPT Tom Chekouras9/2/20218/25/2022
DDG 93COCDR David C. Hollon3/3/20218/26/2022
DDG 97COCDR Kelechi R. Ndukwe4/1/20218/31/2022
LCS 18CO GoldCDR John I. Actkinson11/1/20219/2/2022
CG 54XOCDR Charles S. Barrs III2/6/20209/3/2022
CNSGWPCOCAPT Steven H. DeMoss3/22/20219/6/2022
LCS 14 GOLD CREWCMDCSCMDCS Leonard Eugene12/15/20209/8/2022
DDG 83XOCDR Kenji Igawa3/4/20219/8/2022
LSD 48CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW/IW) Patrick Lampley7/10/20209/8/2022
CDS 7COCaptain Tom Ogden11/23/20199/9/2022
CDS 7XOCaptain Tim LaBenz2/16/20219/9/2022
CDS 7CMDCMCMDCM(SW) Juan A. Magana2/2/20169/9/2022
COMCMRON 7CDRECAPT Scott B. Hattaway7/22/20219/12/2022
COMCMRON 7DCDRECAPT Michael O’Neill 12/15/20219/12/2022
COMCMRON 7SELMNCS (SW) Michael J. Pittenger9/15/20219/12/2022
DDG 73CMDCMCMDCM Randall Johnson7/5/20209/14/2022
CDS 23CMDCMCMDCM (SW/IW) William T. Coston 1/1/20159/15/2022
DDG 54CDRCDR Anthony S. Massey4/23/20219/21/2022
DDG 54CMDCMCMDCM Dalton O. Trouth4/25/20219/21/2022
DDG 54XOCDR Joseph M. Foster7/12/20219/21/2022
DDG 100 XOCDR Parina Somnhot3/16/20219/23/2022
LSD 49CMDCMCMDCM(SW) Stephen J. McQueen12/19/20149/29/2022
DDG 56COCDR Tin T. Tran2/15/20219/29/2022
CG 62XOCDR Daniel Supple8/2/202110/3/2022
DDG 110COCDR Kevin McCormick2/16/202110/1/2022
SURFDEVRON 1CMCFCCM (SW/AW/IW) Matthew S. Barry4/20/202110/5/2022
CPR 1CSOCDR Leonard E. Haynes8/27/20219/30/2022
CG 63XOCDR Alyssa Armstrong5/20/202110/4/2022
LCS 14COCDR Edison C. Rush III4/9/202110/6/2022
DDG 65XOCDR Michael Hughes10/12/202110/12/2022
DDG 89COCDR Robert J. Briggs4/1/202110/12/2022
LCS 3COCDR Jeremiah Petersen5/2/202010/14/2022
LCS 28XOCDR Daniel A. Sledz6/25/202110/14/2022
MCM 10XOLCDR Harding12/20/202110/16/2022
LCS 24CMDCSCMDCS (SW/AW) Robert B. Strupczewski12/3/202110/18/2022
LCS 24CMDCSCMDCS Blake R. Wohl9/2/202110/18/2022
LCS 22CMDCSCMDCS (SW/AW/IW) Christi L. Montes12/7/202110/18/2022
LCS 16 CMDCSCMDCS (AW/SW) Edmond C. New1/20/202210/18/2022
CG 67XOCDR Ben McCarty6/7/202110/24/2022
DDG 92XOCDR Ryan R. Downing8/6/202110/26/2022
DDG 112COCDR Jason Lautar6/30/202110/28/2022
LPD 25CMCCMDCM (SW/AW/IW) Jared D. Mueller12/10/202010/28/2022
CG 59CO CAPT Martin Robertson12/10/202011/7/2022
LCS 18 BLUE CREWCMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW) Jessica C. Kerr3/9/201811/7/2022
DDG 121COCDR Daniel Hancock9/15/201910/27/2022
DDG 121 XOCDR Chad Stewart4/26/202111/8/2022
DDG 101COCDR Meghan L. Bodnar6/9/202111/17/2022
DDG 101XOCDR Kathleen R. Whitman5/21/202111/17/2022
ESG 3CDRRDML Michael W. Baze6/2/202111/18/2022
ATGPACCSOCDR Terence Coleman1/5/202111/18/2022
DDG 111CMDCMCMDCM Richard Meek10/10/202011/18/2022
LPD 27COCAPT Matthew C. Thomas8/7/202111/22/2022
LCS 20XOCDR Justin L. Guernsey7/15/202211/22/2022
DDG 100COCDR Matt Noland5/12/202111/22/2022
LCS 28CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW/IW) Ronmel J. Aleman6/25/202111/23/2022
CG 70CMDCMCMDCM (SW/SS/AW) Randy Swanson9/7/202111/26/2022
SURFDEVRON 1CSOLCDR Stephen J. Skahen Jr.12/1/202111/28/2022
DDG 83COCDR Travis A. Montplaisir9/7/202111/30/2022
SMWDCSELChief Connie Elaine Adams8/30/202212/1/2022
LCS 8XOCDR Robert J. Toohig Jr.4/13/202212/1/2022
DDG 92COCDR Erik S. Roberts8/6/202112/8/2022
CNBG 1 CMCCMDCM (SW/FMF/AW) Geoffrey W. Busscher1/13/202112/8/2022
CCSG 11CMDCMCMDCM John H. Walker8/31/202112/15/2022
NBU 7COCDR Wilbur R. Hines6/2/202112/16/2022
NBU 7XOCDR Jessica F. Betz6/2/202112/16/2022
LCS 28 BLUE CREWCOCDR Kevin M. Ray6/25/202112/16/2022
CG 62CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW/IW) Eric J. Kerwin5/18/202212/19/2022
ATGWPCOCAPT Todd B. Penrod4/23/202112/21/2022
DDG 86COCDR Victor Jose Boza8/5/202112/27/2022
DDG 86XOCDR Dale R. Tourtelotte3/22/202112/27/2022
ATGPACEAPCOCAPT Keith A. Knutsen 1/1/201512/28/2022
LCS 18CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW/IW) Donald R. Alvarado2/8/202112/28/2022
ATGPNWXOCDR Molly Lawton3/22/202212/29/2022
ATGPNW CMDCMCMC Hines 3/15/202112/29/2022
ACU 5CMDCSCMDCS (SW/EXW/AW) Jody R. Addicott 3/10/20221/3/2023
LPD 18COCAPT Douglas Graber9/27/20211/4/2023
MCM 7CMDCSCMDCS Benjamin Pittenger2/3/20201/4/2023
TACRON 11COCDR Paul Case9/17/20211/10/2023
TACRON 11XOCDR Tim Scheidler9/17/20211/10/2023
ATGSDCOCAPT Jason L. Tumlinson3/24/20211/11/2023
DDG 52XOCDR Shane R. Bobbe9/27/20211/11/2023
ATGSDCMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW) Myla Presco1/18/20211/11/2023
ATGSDXOCDR Jonathan Long5/5/20201/11/2023
CPR 1CDRECAPT Karrey DeWayne Sanders8/16/20211/17/2023
LPD 22COCAPT Kevin W. Ralston9/5/20191/23/2023
CG 70XOCDR Carl P. Poe8/6/20211/24/2023
LCS 10COCDR William Carr6/11/20211/27/2023
LCS 10 GOLD CREWXOCDR Thealos C. Ballas10/18/20221/27/2023
CPR 7SELOSCS (SW/AW) Marvin A. Hudson1/20/20221/29/2023
CDS 9CDRECAPT Adam Fleming1/20/20221/30/2023
CDS 9DCDRECAPT Ted Wiederholt1/20/20221/30/2023
COMCMGRU 3CDRECAPT Robert Porter10/10/20202/2/2023
COMCMGRU 3DCDRECAPT Justin Long10/10/20202/2/2023
COMCMGRU 3CSOCDR Heilman3/4/20212/2/2023
COMCMGRU 3SELMNC (SW) Christopher L. Ricks10/10/20202/2/2023
MCM 7COLCDR Lawrence R. Hanks11/3/20212/9/2023
MCM 7XOLCDR Peter J. Bue9/21/20212/9/2023
CG 65COCAPT Christina L. Dalmau4/1/20212/17/2023
CG 65CMDCMCMDCM Daniel Boes6/21/20212/17/2023
CDS 21CDRECAPT Brian A. Ribota1/4/20222/22/2023
CDS 21DCDRECAPT Courtney Minetree2/20/20222/22/2023
LCS 24 GOLD CREWXOCDR Andrew Laidler 12/6/20212/24/2023
LPD 20CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW) Earl Johnson12/22/20212/28/2023
LHD 4CMDCMCMDCM (SW) Avinash “Tony” Ramsingh3/23/20222/28/2023
DDG 69XOCDR Leif Gunderson8/23/20212/28/2023
CPR 5COCAPT Benjamin Allbritton12/9/20213/2/2023
DDG 114COCDR Colin Roberts6/28/20213/5/2023
DDG 114XOCDR Isaia Benette E. Infante4/6/20213/5/2023
CDS 1CMDCMCMDCM (SW/IW/EXW) Jose J. Ramiro9/2/20213/9/2023
LCSRON 1CMDCSCMDCS (SW/AW) Jason Evangelista6/19/20203/8/2023
LCS 10 GOLD CREWCMDCSCMDCS (NAC/SW/AW) Andrew Worth5/1/20213/9/2023
LSD 47 COCDR Emily Y. Royse2/20/20213/11/2023
LSD 47XOCDR Bryan Gallant11/4/20213/11/2023
LSD 47COCMDCM (SW/FMF/AW) Allan V. Antonio Sr.2/20/20213/11/2023
DDG 118 XOCDR Kevin Dore1/14/20223/13/2023
DDG 88XOCDR Adrienne L. Roseti10/29/20213/13/2023
CPR 1SELITCS (IW/SW/AW) Demario L. Smith10/3/20213/17/2023
ESG 3COSCAPT Brian J. Quin4/6/20223/20/2023
DDG 70COCDR David Wagenborg5/14/20213/25/2023
DDG 70XOCDR Corey Millis4/3/20203/25/2023
CPR 5SELYNCS(SW/AW/EXW) Makeba A. Baskin12/13/20213/26/2023
DDG 63CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW/IW) Terry Loeffelholz1/21/20223/28/2023
DDG 70CMDCMCMDCM (AW) John Tucker4/9/20213/25/2023
DDG 65 CMDCMCMDCM Andrew Thomasson6/24/20204/2/2023
LCS 6 BLUE CREWCOCDR Brian Bungay9/10/20214/7/2023
LCS 6 BLUE CREWXOCDR John N. Van Wagoner7/19/20214/7/2023
LCS 6 GOLD CREWCMDCSCMDCS (AW) Derek G. Nelson10/22/20214/7/2023
LSD 49XOCDR Gabriel D. Burgi8/31/20214/7/2023
LSD 49COCDR Eric Winn8/13/20214/7/2023
DDG 73XOCDR Matthew R. Furtado9/16/20214/8/2023
SMWDC DCDRCAPT T.J. Zerr11/18/20214/11/2023
DDG 90XOCDR Michael Beer4/5/20224/11/2023
CCSG 9CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW/IW) Veronica C. Holliday1/4/20214/10/2023
DDG 53XOCDR Brian Laws9/29/20214/17/2023
DDG 1000COCAPT Amy McInnis2/16/20224/17/2023
DDG 1000XOCAPT Matthew H. Hall2/16/20224/17/2023
DDG 62COCDR David J. Catterall10/28/20214/17/2023
CG 62CMDCMCMDCM (AW/EXW/IW/SW/PJ) Blake G. Schimmel3/6/20234/19/2023
DDG 111COCDR Douglas A. Robb 4/4/20224/14/2023
DDG 111XOCDR Christopher D. Ivey12/29/20214/14/2023
LPD 18CMDCMCMDCM (AW/SW) Edward P. Bazile 4/3/20214/25/2023
CG 53XOCDR Charles P. Jones7/19/20214/23/2023
CG 53CMDCMCMDCM William C. Webster1/10/20224/26/2023
COMMINEDIV 12CDRECAPT Spencer P. Austin4/1/20214/27/2023
LCS 26 GOLD CREWXOCDR David T. Gardner2/22/20224/26/2023
LCS 18 BLUE CREWXOCDR Nellie Wang6/9/20214/26/2023
CNSPCOSCAPT Brent DeVore4/27/20215/1/2023
LHD 8COCAPT Tony “TC” Chavez9/9/20214/29/2023
LHD 8XOCAPT Andria Slough9/9/20214/29/2023
DDG 62 XOCDR Jac O. Ullman III10/28/20214/28/2023
CCSG 9COSCAPT Rodney A. Thomas3/8/20225/4/2023
LCS 24 BLUE CREWCOCDR Derek C. Jaskowiak12/3/20215/4/2023
LCS 24 BLUE CREWXOCDR Daniel P. Burba12/3/20215/4/2023
LCS 18 BLUE CREWCOCDR Clayton Beas7/30/20215/4/2023
DDG 69COCDR Matthew Hays9/17/20215/4/2023
LCS 26 GOLD CREWCOCDR Christopher H. Bland2/22/20225/5/2023
LCS 26 GOLD CREWCMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW/FMF/IW) Gomer L. Turiano2/22/20225/5/2023
CG 71XOCDR Reyes4/25/20225/8/2023
CG 57CMDCMCMDCM(SW/AW/IW) Charles Smith9/30/20215/3/2023
CDS 1DCDRECAPT Jennifer M. Pontius8/25/20225/11/2023
DDG 118COCDR Dave Haile1/14/20225/13/2023
LCS 30CMDCSCMDCS (SW/AW) Jorge A. Garcia10/18/20225/17/2023
NSMWDCCDRRDML Christopher Alexander5/25/20215/18/2023
LCS 20CMDCSCMDCS (SW/AW) Sarah E. Morales6/9/20215/18/2023
LCS 30COCDR Michael G. Tyree10/18/20225/17/2023
LCS 30 BLUE CREWXOCDR William Ashley3/31/20225/17/2023
DDG 113COCommander Angela Gonzales6/7/20225/19/2023
DDG 113 XOCDR Jonathan Zang6/7/20225/19/2023
DDG 115CMCCommand Master Chief Tshombe S. Harris10/12/20205/18/2023
DDG 86CMCCMDCM Jeremy S. Houske 8/4/20215/21/2023
DDG 104XOCDR Jason M. Garfield5/23/20225/22/2023
CG71CMCCMDCM (SW/AW) Jeromy Michael Hartley3/11/20215/25/2023
LPD 27XOCDR Johnath “John” D. Stinnette10/21/20215/23/2023
CDS 23CDRECAPT Patrick H. O’Mahoney3/4/20225/26/2023
CDS 23DCDRECAPT Larry Repass2/7/20225/26/2023
LCS 22COCommander Wayne S. Gehman12/29/20215/25/2023
LCS 12 BLUE CREWCMDCSCMDCS (EXW/SW/AW/IW) Andres R. Mejia8/25/20215/30/2023
LCS 18 GOLD CREWXOCDR Matthew T. Knuth12/3/20215/31/2023
LCS 18 GOLD CREWCOCDR Andrew “Spike” Lamson10/6/20225/31/2023
BMU 1XOCDR Michelle Morgan11/5/20216/1/2023
DDG 63XOCDR James N. Watts10/18/20216/2/2023
DDG 70CMCCMDCM Kassidy E. Gordon3/25/20236/2/2023
DDG 69CMDCMCMDCM (SW/FMF/AW/IW) Troy A. Bojorquiz6/1/20216/7/2023
ESG 3CDRRADM James Kirk11/18/20226/9/2023
CSG 11CDRRADM Christopher J. Sweeney4/30/20216/8/2023
DDG 125XOCDR Dylan Ross3/5/20216/1/2023
DDG 113CMDCMCMDCM(SW/AW/IW) Jessica C. Kerr 8/4/20226/12/2023
DDG 89CMCCMDCM (FMF/SW) Van-Troi A. SibiliaMartinez5/11/20216/12/2023
DDG 106CMCCMDCM(SW/AW) Elias Robles12/5/20206/12/2023
BMU 1COCDR William Albert 12/2/20216/12/2023
DDG 63COCDR Bryan P. Hart1/25/20226/14/2023
LCS 12 BLUE CREWCOCDR Joseph Bubulka8/25/20216/20/2023
LCS 12 XO BLUE CREWXOCDR Christopher D. Caraway8/25/20216/20/2023
DDG 106XOCDR Lauren Johnson11/18/20216/22/2023
ESB 6 GOLD CREWSELASCS John A. Lamson1/11/20236/22/2023
DDG 52COCDR Grant T. Bryan12/8/20216/22/2023
CSG 5CDRRDML Michael Donnelly10/25/20216/5/2023
DDG 85XOCDR James Daniel Pierce III11/18/20216/28/2023
CNSGWPCMDCMCMDCM(SW/AW) Mickey Jones2/17/20217/4/2023
CNSGWPDCDRCAPT Geoffrey "Geoff" B. Pagano4/28/20217/4/2023
DDG 104COCDR Christopher M. Descovich 7/14/20227/5/2023
LCS 22XOCDR Joseph Abrutz6/2/20217/3/2023
DDG 90COCDR Samuel K. Train4/5/20226/30/2023
MCM 10XOLCDR Robert Squires10/16/20227/3/2023
DDG 101CMDCMCMDCM Dennisha J. McElveen10/13/20167/5/2023
DDG 73COCDR Richard Jimenez11/15/20217/6/2023
ESB 5 GOLD CREWCMDCSCMDCS Phillip Hutto10/5/20217/7/2023
CPR 5SELITCS (IW/SW/AW) Felicia L. Douglas3/26/20237/10/2023
DDG 112CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW/IW) Nakisha M. Joseph5/13/20217/5/2023
DDG 53COCDR Robert L. Franklin III11/24/20217/11/2023
CNSGMPCMDCMCMDCM(SW) Mike Kaszubowski10/10/20207/13/2023
LHA 6COCAPT Shockey Snyder 4/6/20227/14/2023
LHA 6 XOCAPT Manuel Pardo4/6/20227/14/2023
CDS 31CDRCAPT Donald V. Rauch3/21/20227/13/2023
CDS 31DCDRCAPT Claudine Caluori3/15/20227/13/2023
CNSGMPStaff DirectorLCDR Dustin K. Crawford6/8/20227/13/2023
LPD 25COCAPT Christopher A. Brown 9/24/20217/14/2023
CDS 7CDRECAPT Tim LaBenz9/9/20227/13/2023
CDS 7 DCDRECAPT Sean Lewis9/9/20227/13/2023
MCM 14XOLCDR Michael J. Pires5/18/20227/16/2023
ATGPNW COCDR Ryan Collins 7/23/20207/17/2023
DDG 108COCDR Christopher J. Green12/20/20217/24/2023
DDG 108XOCDR Ronald C. Fairbanks1/18/20227/20/2023
DDG 108CMDCMCMDCM (DWS/EXW/FMF/PJ/CAC) Gary A. Byrum6/5/20207/20/2023
DDG 85COCDR Steven Zielechowski1/21/20227/20/2023
DDG 86SELFCACS Zachary S. Troxler6/7/20237/24/2023
CDS 9CMDCMCMDCM (SW/IW) Patrick A. Tummins12/1/20217/25/2023
DDG 65COCDR Marcus Seeger10/7/20217/26/2023
CCSG 9CDRRDML Robert Chadwick II3/8/20227/28/2023
LHD 2CMDCMCMDCM (SW) Jason Ortega4/14/20227/31/2023
CNBG 1CSOCDR James Martello3/16/20227/31/2023
RSOPNWCOCAPT Timothy J. Long9/24/20198/2/2023
RSOPNWXOLCDR David N. Wilcox5/20/20218/2/2023
RSOPNWCMCNCC George H. Matthies5/20/20218/2/2023
ATGSDCMCRSCM (SW/AW) Jennifer N. Elenesbrooks1/11/20238/3/2023
CNSGWPCOCAPT Joel Lang9/6/20228/3/2023
ESB 6 BLUE CREWCMDCMCMDCM Joselin J. Cruzdelossantos3/3/20228/7/2023
ESB 6 GOLD CREWCOCAPT Bradley Duke Coletti1/11/20238/7/2023
DDG 1001COCAPT Garrett Miller12/10/20218/8/2023
DDG 1001XOCAPT Vince Fortson12/10/20218/8/2023
ATGWPCMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW) Iris Y. Velez11/29/20208/8/2023
LCS 14 BLUE CREWCMDCSCMDCS Branden J. Wilkins8/16/20228/8/2023
DDG 85CMDCMCMDCM Amanda S. Hackford4/8/20218/14/2023
DDG 106COCDR Justin M. Bummara5/2/20228/12/2023
CCSG 5COSCAPT Bill Johnson2/16/20218/15/2023
ATGMPXOLCDR William R. Burkland7/22/20218/16/2023
CG 62COCAPT Edward A. Angelinas5/26/20228/15/2023
CPR 5COCAPT Brian J. Quin3/3/20238/16/2023
LSD 45CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW/IW) Mark Torres11/16/20206/30/2023
ACB 1COCAPT Rafael A. Miranda7/29/20218/11/2023
SURFPACCDRVice Admiral Roy Kitchener8/3/20208/18/2023
ESB 5 GOLD CREWXOCDR Frank Megna9/29/20218/20/2023
NBU 7CMDCMCMDCM Brian S. Metzger 6/2/20218/20/2023
MCM 10COLCDR Jesse DuParc12/20/20218/23/2023
CG 54COCAPT Warren D. Smith9/25/20198/23/2023
DDG 83COCDR Kenji Igawa11/30/20228/24/2023
LHD 2COCAPT Aaron J. Taylor5/9/20228/24/2023
LHD 2XOCAPT Wayne P. Liebold4/11/20228/24/2023
DDG 102XOCDR James D. Hostetler2/16/20228/24/2023
MCM 14COLCDR C. Randy Hayes6/19/20228/28/2023
CG 57XOCDR Jonathan W. Hightower8/1/20228/28/2023
LPD 25XOCDR Jeffrey J. Kelso11/3/20218/30/2023
LCS 14 GOLD CREWXOCDR Matthew Yokeley8/22/20228/30/2023
LSD 42CMDCMCMDCM Chris Johnson10/12/20218/31/2023
DDG 83COCAPT Edward Angelinas8/24/20238/31/2023
LCS 3SELCMDCS (NAC/AW) Frank H. Wilson Jr.5/12/20229/1/2023
LHA 7CMDCMCMDCM Matthew P. Logsdon12/20/20208/31/2023
LCS 14 GOLD CREWSELCMDCS (SW/EXW/IW/AW) Grisel Marrero10/11/20229/5/2023
DDG 83CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW/IW) Jarriel C. Gardner9/22/20219/5/2023
LCS 24 BLUE CREWCMDCSCMDCS (SW/AW/IW/EXW) Calvin L. Gordon II10/18/20229/6/2023
DDG 62CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW) Jeff Auffenberg6/20/20209/6/2023
DDG 104XOLCDR Andrew Grimm5/24/20239/5/2023
LHD 4COCAPT Matthew W. Cieslukowski8/24/20229/7/2023
LHD 4XOCAPT Brian Holmes8/24/20239/7/2023
LCS 26COCDR Richard Skinnell7/8/20229/8/2023
LCS 26XOCDR Matthew S. Shaw1/4/20229/8/2023
LSD 42XOCDR Marty Blomberg6/28/20229/8/2023
DESRON 15CMDCMCMDCM James C. Wallace2/20/20219/11/2023
DDG 120XOCDR Jason Hollbrook8/15/20229/14/2023
DDG 120COCDR Kelly Craft9/13/20219/15/2023
LSD 52CMDCMCMDCM (SWCC/SW/EXW/DV/PJ) Steven M. Rinkavage1/7/20219/15/2023
DDG 113XOCDR Andrew W. Tom5/22/20239/17/2023
DDG 53CMDCMCMDCM (SW/EXW) Joshua B. Joiner5/17/20179/19/2023
DDG 123XOCDR James Giles11/2/20229/20/2023
DDG 113COCDR Matthew Hays5/22/20239/21/2023
DDG 102COCDR William M. Bencini5/1/20229/28/2023
CG 59XOCDR Matthew Todd4/25/20229/28/2023
DDG 91CMDCMCMDCM (SS) Matt Kwiecinski12/1/202010/2/2023
LCSRON 1CSOCAPT Mike Clavero7/14/202210/3/2023
COMLCSRON 3CSOCDR John-Paul Mantone11/21/202110/5/2023
LSD 52CMDCMCMDCM Chris Johnson9/15/202310/11/2023
CG 70COCAPT Danielle C. DeFant8/15/202210/12/2023
MCM 9COLCDR Aaron A. Jochimsen8/15/202210/15/2023
MCM 9XOLCDR Chase E. Harding8/15/202210/15/2023
MCM 9SELCMDCS (SW/AW) Matthew TC Abel2/8/202210/15/2023
ATGPACCDRECAPT Chris Follin12/14/202010/16/2023
LPD 27CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW) Ruben Diaz5/12/202110/18/2023
LHD 8CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW/EXW/IW) Lucas W. Jenkins7/13/202110/19/2023
LSD 42COCDR Michael J. Welgan4/21/202210/20/2023
SURFPACFORCMFORCM (SW/AW) Greg S. Carlson3/11/202110/23/2023
CG 63COCAPT Victor J. Garza8/17/202210/20/2023
LPD 22XOCDR Audrey Herrington6/28/202310/26/2023
LHA 7XOCAPT Gary A. Harrington II4/10/202210/27/2023
DDG 77COCDR Kevin K. McClellan5/19/202210/30/2023
DDG 77XOCDR Rich Ray5/16/202210/30/2023
CG 54XOLCDR Joseph Trager9/3/202210/31/2023
DDG 59COCDR Brett J. Jasionowski9/15/202210/30/2023
DDG 59XOCDR Michael McInerney7/11/202210/30/2023
DDG 59CMDCMCMDCM Russell D. Tilden6/22/202110/30/2023
DDG 77CMDCMCMDCM (AW/SW/IW) Arcolia S. Rains10/1/20207/1/2023
LCS 18 BLUESELCMDCS Daniel Boes11/7/202211/1/2023
LHA 7COCAPT John C. Kiefaber8/1/202211/2/2023
LCS 6XOCDR Matt Farrell3/21/202211/3/2023
DDG 56COCDR Joseph J. Gunta8/29/202211/6/2023
DDG 56XOCDR Cameron Yaste6/22/202211/6/2023
DDG 56CMDCMCMDCM Mackenson Moise3/1/202111/6/2023
DDG 56CMDCMCMDCM Francisco Diego10/20/20203/1/2021
DESRON 7SELSTGCS(SW/IUSS) James V. Hall9/9/202211/8/2023
LSD 45COCDR Tammi L. Ballinger6/8/202211/8/2023
LSD 45XOCDR Byron Stocks6/8/202211/8/2023
PHIBRON 7SELMMCM(SW/AW) Ralph Galvan1/29/202311/9/2023
LCS 24 GOLD CREWCOCDR William Carroll 10/12/202111/9/2023
LCC 19COCAPT Dale Gregory Jr.6/23/202211/9/2023
LCC 19XO CDR Guillermo “Jerry” Howell5/23/202211/16/2023
DDG 76COCDR Joseph L. McGettigan9/28/202111/19/2023
LCS 32XO CDR Paul F. Richardson III11/17/202211/20/2023
TACRON 12COCDR Scott E. Welles8/4/202211/16/2023
TACRON 12XOCDR David A. Hoopengardner8/4/202211/16/2023
DDG 120CMDCMCMDCM Mark W. Melia5/19/202211/16/2023
DDG 76XOCDR Cameron D. Dennis9/27/202111/16/2023
DESRON 15DCDRECAPT Justin L. Harts6/28/202211/16/2023
DDG 114CMDCMCMDCM David Hyatt9/13/202111/20/2023
NSMWDCDCDRCAPT Gilbert Clark5/5/202311/21/2023
ACU 5XOLCDR Heather Dent3/10/20226/1/2023
DESRON 15CDRECAPT Walter C. Mainor8/17/202211/20/2023
LCS 32COCDR Brian P. Sparks11/16/202211/27/2023
MCMRON 7CDRECAPT Michael O'Neill9/12/202211/27/2023
MCMRON 7DCDRECAPT Antonio Hyde9/12/202211/27/2023
DDG 70XOCDR Jared M. Mallis3/25/202311/27/2023
DDG 121COCDR Chad Stewart10/27/202211/29/2023
DDG 123COCDR Douglas A. Brayton5/11/202311/29/2023
PHIBRON 7CSOCAPT Derek A. Rader1/20/202211/30/2023
PHIBRON 5CDRECAPT James Harney8/16/202312/1/2023
PHIBRON 1CDRECAPT Tate Robinson1/17/202312/1/2023
DDG 115XOCDR Stephen Szachta Jr.3/8/202212/3/2023
DDG 115COCDR Charles T. Cooper5/19/202212/4/2023
COMLCSRON 3CMDCMCMDCM(SW/SS) Joseph Hanley10/1/202112/5/2023
BMU 1CMDCMCMDCM(SW/AW/IW) Charles S. Parker11/17/202112/5/2023
PHIBRON 5CSOCDR Chad M. Bibler7/7/202112/5/2023
DDG 91COCDR Eric Madonia4/28/202212/6/2023
DDG 91XOCDR Dustin Smith4/24/202212/6/2023
SURFPACEDMr. Steve Mucklow7/30/202111/14/2023
LCS 16 BLUESELCMDCS Steven G. Hassler8/4/20228/4/2023
ESB 5 GOLDCOCAPT Patrick A. Keller10/5/202112/8/2023
ACU 1COCDR Kristina M. Stoner6/15/202212/8/2023
ACU 1XOCDR Willis “Max” Long5/10/202212/8/2023
DDG 60XOCDR Christopher M. Danley4/11/202212/17/2023
CG 63CMDCMCMDCM(SW) Donna K. Baraoidan12/1/202112/19/2023
ESB 5 BLUEXOCDR Jacob Maddox3/23/202210/1/2023
LCS 3XOCDR William E. Hessell7/16/202112/20/2023
LCS 14 GOLDCOCDR Colleen E. Moore8/22/202212/20/2023
CNSPActing CDRRear Admiral Yvette Davids8/18/202312/21/2023
DDG 102CMDCMCMDCM(SW/AW) Jeffery Flemming3/28/202112/28/2023
LPD 18XOCDR Randy Schimpf5/25/202212/1/2023
USVDIV 1XOCDR Sophia Haberman2/15/20231/8/2024
TACGRU 1CSOCDR Mark J. Miller10/28/20211/9/2024
ATG MIDPACCOCAPT Robert Biggs9/9/20211/18/2024
LCS 28 GOLDCOCDR Jenna K. Van Zeyl10/11/20221/15/2024
LPD 23CO CAPT Daniel J. Keeler8/1/20221/18/2024
LPD 23XOCDR Christopher Stone2/8/20221/18/2024
LPD 22CMDCMCMDCM John J. Lanza12/1/20211/19/2024
DDG 89XOCDR Kristofer Tester6/27/20221/19/2024
DESRON 1DCDRECAPT Craig Trent5/11/20231/24/2024
CDS 1COCAPT Tom Chekouras8/25/20221/23/2024
CG 70CMDCMCMDCM(SW/AW/IW) Ronmel J. Aleman11/27/202211/16/2023
ESB 5 BLUESELCMDCS Pierre Peacock6/27/20221/28/2024
TACRON 11SELACCS(AW/SW) Gary W. Sartain7/13/20211/30/2024
DDG 113CMDCMCMDCM (SW/IW/EXW/SCW/FMF) James H. Butler6/12/20231/31/2024
MCM 10SELCMDCS Matthew Ross9/7/20211/31/2024
DDG 97XOCDR Yilei Liu7/7/20222/1/2024
DDG 97COCDR Amanda G. Browning8/31/20221/19/2024
DDG 83COCDR Cameron D. Dennis8/31/20232/5/2024
DDG 60COCDR Jake Ferrari4/29/20222/5/2024
CNSGMPXOCAPT Kevin D. Bosse7/13/20232/13/2024
DDG 101XOCDR Thomas K. Brewer11/17/20222/19/2024
DDG 1001CMDCM CMDCM (SW/AW/IW) Kristopher D. Freyberg4/18/20222/22/2024
DDG 54COCDR Sarah Lynch9/21/20222/22/2024
DDG 89COCDR Kevin C. Antonucci10/12/20223/1/2024
LCS 16XOCDR Christopher O. Thomas10/31/20222/26/2024
LCS 18XOLCDR Kyle A. Moyer5/31/20232/26/2024
LCS 18CMCCMDCS John Shubert12/28/20222/26/2024
CG 67CMDCMCMDCM (SW/AW) Rick Curry 6/7/20212/23/2024
LPD 26XOCDR Robert Floyd3/22/20222/22/2024
CCSG 5 CMDCMCMDCM Blake G. Schimmel10/31/20222/27/2024
DDG 1000CMDCMCMDCM (SW) Andrew Zalewski3/10/20212/29/2024
LPD 20XOLCDR Patrick D. Shouvlin4/29/20223/2/2024
DDG 90CMDCMCMDCM(SW/EXW/IW/AW/PJ) Mike Bemley6/22/20223/4/2024
LSD 42CMDCMBMCS (SW/AW) Nathaniel Crichton8/31/20233/5/2024
LCS 16COCDR Andrew Greenlees8/12/20223/8/2024
LSD 48COCDR Dirk C. Sonnenberg5/13/20223/8/2024
LSD 48XOCDR Dana Scott Canby5/13/20223/8/2024
ESB 6XO CDR Michelle M. Martinez 3/3/20223/12/2024
DDG 83COCAPT Dave Huljack2/5/20243/14/2024
LCS 28CMCCMDCS Choyau Troutman6/13/20233/15/2024
SURFDEVRON 1CSOCDR Jonathan C. Raia11/22/20223/15/2024
ATGPNWXOLCDR Stephanie Benjamin12/29/20223/19/2024
DDG 112CMCCMDCM (FMF/SW) Robert Ryan B. Pagcaliwagan7/5/20233/11/2024
DDG 83XOCDR Joshua R. Virgadamo9/8/20223/21/2024
CPR 7COCAPT Justin A. Kubu7/21/20223/22/2024
LPD 18COCAPT Patrick German1/4/20233/21/2024
DDG 110XOCDR Bobby Wayland 7/16/20223/22/2024
USVDIV 1COCDR Jeremiah Daley5/11/20223/22/2024
TACRON 11COCDR Tim "TIOM" Scheidler1/10/20233/28/2024
TACRON 11XOCDR Cole “Fish” Roberts 1/10/20233/28/2024
DDG 101COCDR Kathleen R. Whitman11/17/20224/2/2024
DDG 112XOCDR Jonathan B. Greenwald 10/12/20224/4/2024
LCS 16 GOLDCOCDR Erin N. Connor7/29/20224/8/2024
LCS 16 GOLDXOCDR Samuel Moffett7/29/20224/8/2024
DDG 111XOCDR Thomas “Matt” Adams5/1/20234/9/2024
CG 71CO CAPT Matthew A. McNealy8/3/20224/9/2024
NBU 7XOCDR Fred D. Crayton12/16/20224/10/2024
CPR 11CDRECAPT Kelly T. Fletcher6/20/20224/10/2024
CCSG 5CORDML Pat Hannifin6/23/20234/12/2024
DDG 93XOCDR Peter Schunk6/30/20224/12/2024
DDG 125 CMCCMDCM Don Brockman9/28/20214/12/2024
DDG 97COCAPT Ryan B. Leary1/24/20244/14/2024
DDG 1000XOCDR Dan Hancock4/17/20234/15/2024
DDG 1000COCAPT Matthew H. Hall4/17/20234/15/2024
DDG 112COCDR John E. Holthaus10/28/20224/18/2024
DDG 105CMCCMDCM Eliza S. Rubic 12/21/20214/19/2024
DDG 105COCDR Nicholas G. Hoffman8/21/20224/19/2024
DDG 105XOCDR Nicholas Maruca8/22/20224/19/2024
LCSRON 1COMMODORECAPT Marc Crawford6/24/20224/19/2024
LCSRON 1CMCCMDCM Benjamin Lee Washington8/10/20224/19/2024
DDG 86XO CDR Timothy M. Winters12/28/20224/20/2024
LSD 52XO CDR Peter Downes6/15/20224/24/2024
LSD 52COCommander Sameer Khanna 6/15/20224/24/2024
CNSGWPDEPUTY COMMANDERCommander Paul Sablan Duenas7/4/20234/28/2024
LCS 18 GOLD CREWCOCDR Matthew T. Knuth5/31/20234/30/2024
DDG 110COCDR Kellie Smith10/1/20224/30/2024
DDG 125COMMANDING OFFICERCaptain Brett Oster3/5/20214/30/2024
ACU 1CMCCMDCM Stephen J. McQueen11/24/20215/1/2024
CDS 9COMMODORECAPT Ted Wiederholt1/30/20235/1/2024
CDS 9 DEPUTY COMMODORECaptain Emily A. Cathey2/23/20235/1/2024
DDG 76CMDCMCMDCM (SW) Alan Benavidez6/4/20225/2/2024
DDG 111COCDR Christopher D. Ivey4/14/20235/3/2024
LCSRON 1COCDR Goff10/3/20235/3/2024
DDG 121CMDCMCMDCM (SW/IW/AW) Shane W. Wojnar11/8/20225/7/2024
DDG 60CMCCMC Damien A. Brown9/20/20215/9/2024
LCS 30COCDR William Ashley5/17/20235/9/2024
NBU 7COCommander Jessica F. Betz12/16/20225/10/2024http://www.;
LCS 20COCDR Robert Burke7/15/20225/20/2024 
DDG 70CommanderCDR Jared Mallis3/24/20235/20/2024
DDG 93CMDCMCMDCM(SW/EXW/NAC) William P. Eickhoff8/18/20225/21/2024
LCS 20CMDCSCMDCS (SW/AW) Lowell V. Waddell III5/18/20245/21/2024
DDG 86COCDR Dale R. Tourtelotte12/27/20225/23/2024
DDG 114XOCDR Justan A. Caesar3/5/20235/23/2024
LCS 20XOCDR Eric Hernandez11/22/20225/23/2024
LCS 22CMCCMDCM Krystal A. Williams10/22/20225/22/2024
LPD 26COCAPT Doug Langenberg7/29/20225/31/2024
DDG 54COCDR Joseph Foster9/21/20225/31/2024
DDG 121COCAPT Kevin Louis11/29/20236/3/2024
DDG 121XOCDR Sean Standen11/7/20226/4/2024
LCS 12 GOLD CREWCMCCMDCS Christopher M. Perras  6/4/2024
LHA 6CMCCMDCM Patrick Lampley 5/31/20225/31/2024
LCS 12 CO CDR Ben E. Nehrke5/25/20226/6/2024
LCS 12XOCDR Kevin Smith 1/4/20226/6/2024
ESB 5 BLUECMCCMDCS Jonathan G. Adams1/27/20246/6/2024
LPD 25COCAPT Michel C. Brandt7/14/20236/7/2024
DDG 92XOCDR Rebecca E. Wolf10/26/20226/5/2024
DDG 92COCDR Ryan R. Downing12/8/20226/5/2024
CG 70COCAPT Brandon J. Burkett10/23/20236/7/2024
DDG 65XOCDR Richard Mayer10/12/20226/11/2024
CNSGSWCSOCAPT Bradley D. Colleti12/12/20236/11/2024 
DDG 88CMCCMDCM Bobby Norton10/29/20216/13/2024
DDG 88XOCDR Paul A. Archer3/13/20236/13/2024
LSD 42CMCCMDCM(SW) Chris Johnson3/5/20246/13/2024
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